YouTube Youniverse: Food Series 102- Food Tube by Jamie Oliver

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As I said earlier, I have been a huge fan of Jamie Oliver since I was a kid.

I somehow did not stumble upon this channel till late last year, despite it having been around since mid 2006.

There was never a doubt about the quality of content but I wondered if it would still have the magical charm to it, or will we get to see classic Jamie Oliver? Fudge yes!!!

Let’s start off with a recent video wherein he delivers nutrition and taste with his usual wizardry:

Pretty spectacular I would say.

Further, this channel offers the chance to go down memory lane, and I came across an episode which I might have seen almost a decade ago:

I have not seen Jamie experiment with Indian food, in fact I believe that is the one cuisine that he doesn’t seem to be familiar with. But I came across a video wherein he teamed up with Indian chef Maunika Gowardhan to make some ‘butter chicken’. I was skeptical at first, but by the end of the video I regretted doubting Jamie;

That reaction at the end was priceless!

The great thing about Jamie’s channel is that he is using it to promote a network of brilliant channels. The channel presents itself as a part of this team of food bloggers. Kudos to Jamie for using his stature as a global food icon for creating such a massive food community.

Oh and you know that thing when two of your favourite people come together and you feel inexpressible joy and excitement at the potential stuff of legends that might come out of it.

I felt like Jeff from Coupling when I saw this (link below the article):

If you want to revolutionise the way you consume food, I’d recommend you follow Jamie Oliver.

Till next time!


Jeff from Coupling: please read the 3rd dialogue

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