YouTube Youniverse: Knowledge Series 102- Vsauce

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Hey Vsauce! Madhur here…

VSAUCE has been one of the pillars of the YouTube community. Started way back in 2007, the original channel Vsauce1 boasts of a subscriber list of more than 9 million viewers!!

It contains an enviable list of knowledge laden clips on everyday stuff we must have never really dug into scientifically.

The questions are not always simple, but the answers make them look simple

Let’s hear Michael himself on what Vsauce is all about:

The Vsauceomness does not end there, it is in fact a triple layered serving-the other two layers being Vsauce2 and Vsauce3.

Vsauce2 started in 2010. Kevin presents us with facts, inventions and trivia which is anything but everyday. 

Kevin turns our world into a museum for us to walk around and explore through segments such as LUT (as seen above), MindBlow and BiDiPi


What Vsauce1 and Vsauce2 do with the world around us, Vsauce3 (started in 2010) does with fictional worlds. Comics, video games and associated technology and science fiction science is what Jake deals with.

To explain what ‘science fiction science’ means:

It tells you things you could do online (instead of Facebook):

How about some more LUT, for games 😀

The reason why I am grateful to Vsauce is because they rekindled my curiosity-I was able to get rid of the lethargy that prevents us from seeking new knowledge. This was the gateway YouTube channel and the one that inspired me to get hooked to YouTube as a portal of learning.

Still need more reason to like Vsauce, this is what their ‘About’ pages say:

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 18.50.53


As a member of the Vsauce community, I hope I gave you enough reasons to join us….and as always..thanks for watching!!



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