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What if I absorbing science was as easy as watching an episode of ‘Bob The Builder’. AsapSCIENCE does exactly this.

They answer some really interesting questions, such as the friend zone, early birds vs night owls, talent vs training, or even the importance of penis size

The simple technique of hand drawn sketches being used for explaining concepts is very catchy and effective. This minimalism makes for a beautiful narrative style allows them to tackle even with highly contentious issues in the most objective and informative way.

Take for example the ease with which they were able to the effect of various commonly known drugs on the brain:


AsapSCIENCE has therefore shown us a way to start discussions on a number of things, both big and small, without glamour, gossip or gore.

How successful have they been you wonder, how about having more than 4.3 million subscribers for a channel that started in mid-2012.

Though the channel is not structured on the basis of themes, there is a useful compilation of videos under playlists such as ‘Best of AsapSCIENCE’ or ‘Illusions To Blow Your Mind’.

Here’s some more AsapSCIENCE videos for you to indulge in:


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