YouTube Youniverse: News Series 102- Vox

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I don’t exactly remember how I got to the Vox website, and after reading a few articles I prayed that they would have a YouTube channel….and they did!

Vox, as they themselves put it, explains the news. To elaborate a bit more, this is what is stated in the ‘About’ section of the YouTube channel:

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 01.16.30

Vox provides us the necessary context to interpret news. For example:

This is presentation of information being perfected as an art. There is no struggle amongst our senses in absorbing the various elements-infographics, text, images, voice over, soundtrack-of the enriched videos.

Moreover, the nature of content, apart from current affairs, is seriously awe inspiring.

Take for example the following clip where in less than 5 minutes they were able to unravel and explain the inherent flaw in colour film technology that actually furthered discrimination based on colour:

People might not care about global warming but they do care about Game of Thrones. But what if Game of Thrones was about global warming?

GRReenpeace anyone?

Their focus on American issues offers a kind of glimpse of the future, caveats if you might, of what can go wrong even in advanced social systems:

It’s very difficult to not binge watch Vox, I guess by this point you understand why.

The great thing(that I discovered while writing this recommendation) is that Vox too has a network of channels (un)covering technology, food, sports, real estate (that’s a new one) and video games to name few:

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 02.05.13

So at the end of a week of recommending YouTube channels, I have myself found some new channels to explore. I guess I have to thank the readers for leading me to this new pool of YouTube awesomeness!

Till next time!


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