Premier League Review-Week 2(2nd Round): 16th August

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal

1 I will run past you!!

A loss for Arsenal in the first game meant that they were up for a daunting task against a Palace side that had already won their first match. They will be very happy right now knowing that the job is done and though they were not able to dominate the game, they did well enough to pick up the 3 points and at the end of the day, and that’s all that matters.

Giroud's acrobatic goal
2 Giroud’s acrobatic goal

Mesut Ozil has a knack of picking out really good passes in the final third. He just needs to show some consistency and  with the likes of Giroud, Welbeck and Sanchez they are sure to pile up goal after goal every week. The ball that he played for Giroud’s acrobatic strike was stupendous and throughout the game, he looked sharp. Alexis Sanchez is also coming good for them and once Wilshere is back, the mid-field sounds really menacing. I really want Chamberlain to get more minutes on the field because he is an electric player who can create magic out of nothing.

Arsenal have always been playing really good football for a very long time but finally, they have a team with which they can realistically target to win the title (The Benzema transfer is still in talks).

Manchester City cut Chelsea’s into 3

3 Former champions vs champions

It was a wipeout. I do not remember the last time that Chelsea were so clueless. It did not look like they were prepared for this match at all. The defence was all over the place right from the start when Silva threaded Aguero 22 seconds after kick-off. Aguero could have completed a hat-trick in the first half but take nothing away from Begovic who is wearing the Chelsea shirt for his first Premier league match.

Aguero for the fitst goal
4 Aguero for the fitst goal

There is no one in the Chelsea team holding the ball for them up the field. Costa looked very angry and frustrated all throughout the game and it did not look like he came out to the field to play football. He is supposed to hold the ball up the field so that Fabregas can move forward. Now with Fabregas playing as an attacking mid-fielder, the triangle in the center (Matic, Ramirez and Fabregas) looked really shaky and at times Sterling, Silva and Toure were able to make a lot of inroads into the opposition half. Both Willian and Hazard are not getting any good service from the mid-field. It is tough to know what answer Jose has to this other than making some changes to the way they play. Last season they were partying in front of goal more often than not. This time the start of the season is an absolute shocker.

Cahill had a really bad cut.  Begovic!!!
5 Cahill had a really bad cut. Begovic!!!

Manchester City look really strong. Sterling was running around Ivanovic like Bale ran past Maicon in the Tottenham-Inter champions League tie a few seasons back. Silva looked sharp, and Toure is back to playing like the box to box mid-fielder we know he is – a huge pillar of strength in the midfield who keeps running relentlessly.

There’s just one match to go in the 2nd week which sees Bournemouth square off against Liverpool at Anfield in a late kickoff on Monday-watch out for the review!



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