Premier League Review: Week 3 – Round 1(22nd August)


Smalling was the best player on the field AGAIN!
Smalling was the best player on the field AGAIN!

Another lacklustre performance by Man Utd has definitely raised eyebrows all over the world. In front of a packed home crowd, United failed to sparkle on the field. Rooney is not getting to see enough off the ball and it is tough for Januzaj to have a good physical presence in the centre of the field where he gets out-muscled more often than not. Mata seems to be the only player in tune with the game plan for attacking. Depay had so many opportunities for passes but failed to release the ball almost every time.

2 Schweiney!!!!!!

Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin and Smalling were solid defensively. It is up front that Man Utd need some impetus, maybe in the form of Thomas Muller.

If you dont come to united.......
3 “If you don’t come to united… Take care”


Crystal Palace and Aston Villa played out an interesting finish with all the 3 goals coming after the 70 minute mark. Crystal palace won 2-1 at home and goals on debut for Traore(Aston Villa) and Sakho (Crystal palace). Though the goal was not awarded to him, Traore had an amazing first run in the premier league when he ran past 2 defenders like they weren’t there. Player to watch out for!!


Tottenham and Leicester played out a 1-1 draw with Maharez scoring again. His goal was a beautiful left foot curler to the far post and the shot was quite “Messi-like”. Again a player to watch out for. Chadli scored for Tottenham.


Norwich and Stoke also played out a 1-1 draw and Xerdan Shaquiri who has joined the club recently provided the goal for them with a really good free kick to find Diouf in the center. Norwich rightfully got a goal back because at one point of time they had a chance for scoring twice in quick succession.

Gomis and Defoe got the goals for their side on either half of the match when Sunderland hosted Swansea. Both the goals were texbook “Strikers goal”. Both these forwards have looked good for their respective sides in the past few weeks and seem to continue to enjoy life in the Premier league at the moment. Swansea had a lot of possession but couldn’t make a lot of chances because of some really good defending and only in the added-time of the first half were Sunderland broken down.


When West Ham hosted Bournemouth, little did we know that it was going to be a 7 goal thriller. Hammers fough back from 2-0 down only to go back 4-2. Maiga scored a late goal to make it 4-3 at the end of the day. It is a historic day for the club as Bournemouth hae their first away win in the premier league and who expected it to come in this fashion with a goal fest?

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