Premier League Review: Week 3-Round 2 & 3 (23rd & 25th August)


Chelsea has not been playing this year’s Premier league too well but as we all know “It’s just begun. They rode their luck a few times, got a red card (Terry) but most importantly, got the win that they deserved and the first win of the season for Jose Mourinho was just what his side needed to step up the gas and look forward to the next game.

The spot wher we will end
1 The spot where we will end

Pedro coming into the side gives it a lot of balance and Costa back on the scoring sheet is ominous signs for Crystal Palace who travel to Stamford Bridge this week.

Pedro Scores!!
2 Pedro Scores!!

Courtois saved a penalty in the first half of the match after Morrison fired a low shot from the spot. Pedro was right into the game from the start until he got substituted. He was involved in all the 3 goals that Chelsea scored. They look really sharp on the counter and because of the pace of Hazard, Pedro, Willian and Costa they can be considered as one of the best counter attacking teams all across Europe.

3 Red!!
3 Red!!

Defensively they have been totally in-disciplined. Terry and Ivanovic are not doing too well and too much rests on the shoulders of Cahill, Aziplicueta and Matic. It is very important that they focus on keeping a clean sheet because I am sure that with the attack they have, scoring goals is never going to be a problem. Fabregas has not quite been himself this season but there were glimpses of brilliance. I am sure Jose is happy at the moment but they are going to have a hard defensive routine in this weeks practice session.


1 Etihad.
1 Etihad.

Pellegrini’s reaction to the second goal tells us how happy he is with the form that his team is in. That pass( OH MY GOD!!) From Yaya Toure and finish from Nasri just shows how coolly they are going about their business.


They had a really good match and scored two peaches! There is a lot of movement around the area from Silva, Aguero, Sterling and Toure. Kolarov went around Sterling to pick a pass and slot it expertly between the keeper and the goal. The only trouble that they might have is when they will face a pacy left winger. Depay vs Sagna, for example might not turn out to be a victory for Sagna. Having said that, they were still able to defend the likes of Hazard and Costa comfortably. Navas is also doing really well for them and though it is too early to say, they are currently are best team in the league.


Liverpool and Arsenal played out the best goalless draw this season with both sides producing a lot of “getting of the seat” moments. Coutinho hit the post 3 minutes into the game with Peter Cech beaten all ends up. But later in the first half, he produced, the save of the season so far. Again Coutinho, beating the left back all ends up and trying to curl one past him. Cech got the faintest deflection, with the tip of his fingers to help the ball onto the post and out into play again. A few minutes prior to this he dived full length to stop an almost certain goal for Benteke. I still think Benteke did not see him coming for that ball.

Arsenal started really well in the opening few exchanges and they have a very interesting Barcelona-Madrid combo in midfield (Ozil and Sanchez). Santi Cazorla’s pass(Oh my god moment no.2 of the week)  in the first half was turned in by Ramsey. But the assistant raised the flag for off-side though further replays prove he was just in line with Skrtel.

4 Oh my god moment 2 of the week!
4 Oh my god moment 2 of the week!

But they have a lot of issues with defense. Though Coquelin got a few really good tackles in, Bellarin went twice or thrice into self-destruction  mode, where he gave the ball off cheaply to the on-rushing forwards. Like I had mentioned in the articles earlier Coutinho proved yet again that he is one of the best attacking mid-fielders in the world. By the end of the first half, it looked  like it was just a matter of time before they scored.

But the second half was a totally different ball game. Arsenal took the game by the scruff of its neck and went on rampage, peppering Mignolet’s goal with a lot of shots. And it was his chance to shine producing save after save. There were 2 people on the goal line who played like lions!! I do not know how this match was a 0-0.

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