De-mensions III


“I’m Never Alone…”


He admires her as she gets dressed; reflected in the mirror in front of her. They make a great couple – him with the sandy hair, emerald eyes and deeply cleft chin; her with the cascade of auburn hair, honey eyes and dimpled cheeks. Perfect bodies.

“Geez, you look incredible!”

Smiles. “Thanks, love. I guess I clean up all right.”

“All right! You kidding? You’re absolutely phenomenal!” Gets off the bed and puts his arms around her.

“Honey, we need to leave if we want to make it for dinner.”

Smelling her freshly washed hair. “Mmmmmm… How about we order for a delivery instead? Or perhaps we could… You know… Skip dinner altogether and focus on the dessert…” Nibbling on her ear.

Gasps. “You say that now; what when you actually do feel hungry?”01. Schizophrenia (11x14'') Graphite on paper

Burying his head in her neck. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. C’mon, hon… You’re too delectable for me to hunger for anything else right now.”

Looks into her reflected eyes. Reads desire in them. So much desire – controlled; just about. The look says it all – she capitulates. Turns her in his arms to face him. Tastes the sweetness of her full lips. Once, twice, thrice. Then nice and deep; devours her mouth. She moans, revels in the taste, the smell, the feel of him. Raises his head, caresses her face, down to her neck. Tilts her head, baring her delicate throat. Lowers his head.

Her eyes jerk open. Feels a sudden, sharp pain – a sting. Screams, turns to the mirror, sees blood flowing in gushes down her body. Watches, entranced, as it spurts out of her.

“Oh my god…!”

Stares another second, then turns and tries to run. A strong hand grips her tender wrist. Writhes, screams, scratches… Does everything she can to get out of there – away from him. That horrible creature, his fangs bared in glee at her blood…

Twists and turns, struggles and scampers around, trying to get him off…!


He watches, through the little square window, as she screeches and scratches her way around the room. It fills him with a mix of emotions – pity, grief, anger… but most of all, he feels revolt at her state. Repulsion.

Delusions; Hallucinations, clawing their way into the mind. Leaving it unable to tell the difference between Real and Unreal.

Schizophrenia, they call it. 


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Arpita is a believer in potential - positive or negative, with her feet firmly rooted in Reality and her mind soaring in the Surreal... She aims at attaining true Balance, within and without. Writing is her expression of all she perceives; exploring her mind, her senses and her environment.

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