A Poetic Riddle to Live By

Staring at the black depressing screen

I treat it like a canvas

The screen is slave to my command

I make sense of the lines that are senseless

I shape, mould, and make dreams come true

With my vision, my perspective

My eyes hypnotized by the possibilities

I play with colours

I play with the curves

I create places out of spaces

And vice versa

The sun’s glare cannot stop me

Predicting and making things just with the ambience of a place

I begin and end where you can’t comprehend

Shade and light, rough and smooth,

Solid and void, natural and artificial

Open, semi-open to close

Symmetry and hierarchy

I can make them work in harmony

All integrate into an arc

An arc that can bend but can never break

I am the key to investigation

In the context of the location

Digging in earth, erecting the modern day phenomena

Pioneers of my art left a legacy behind for us to see

They mimicked the tree and created roofs

The frozen music creating an ever-lasting rhythm

Now, we are the tech in technology

We rule and dominate the structure and texture

But also,

I need no words to communicate

I make I break, I recreate from craft

Scribbling is my language

Art is our route to enlightenment

Our rules are that of scale and measurement

I am an arc-key-tech


Beautiful young female architect holding blueprint on construction drawing background

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