When a Calamity Strikes

Earth trembled, the lava rose,

The world around the bulge in the earth froze!

The bulge now red,

Predicting the future ahead.


Save your life run!

Because everything and everyone in the path will burn

It. couldn’t get worse!

Now, the clouds have gathered, hiding the sun



Because the lightning and the thunder

Will spare no soul,

Destroying the transgressors is its goal


The golden lava spread on earth,

You will dissolve forget about getting hurt!

The droplets will hit you, like stones.

You’ll face these calamities all alone.

You will close your ears,

As the thunder and lightning scream.

You’d want to disappear,

Hoping this is just a bad dream


But it’s not,

And the force of nature won’t stop,

Until it lets it all out,

No matter if you pray, repent or just shout.



When I was a kid I was nicknamed as a volcano because of my anger issues.So this poem is nothing but a description of how my anger plays out. Volcano referring to my physical condition and words that spill out of my mouth and burn people like lava would burn them. I don’t hurt people, I burn them, they dissolve. The storm, thunder, lightning being my tears, pitch of my voice and how people are scared of me. I won’t stop until and unless I feel like I have emptied myself completely


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