Dark Matter and the Human Psyche: A Song of Fire and Ice

Dark matter and dark energy are some of the most mind-boggling phenomena in our universe. The moment we started considering these two unseen forces we started to understand how little we truly know about the universe that we are a part of. These two forces are said to form a part of the non-visible matter which exists cohesively and symbiotically with all the visible matter. In this case, the visible matter forms the planets, stars, galaxies and all other colossal structural aggregates which we ponder upon by gazing into the vast beauty of the heavens above us. Little do we know that we are in fact missing out on the much larger part of the vast unknown, which emanates from the darkness of the void or nothingness.

Tripped Out Fact: Scientists have estimated that the visible matter in our universe barely forms about 4 percent of all the essential constituents of the same. On the other hand, dark matter is said to form 21 percent of the universe, while dark energy is said to constitute up to 74 percent of the universe as a whole.

Dark matter is essentially matter which we cannot see but is perpetually present all around us. We can only perceive the absence of light or visible matter as dark matter, meaning that we only know that it exists due to the fact that we cannot see or perceive it. Scientists over the years have observed and even documented the existence of dark matter without even being able to comprehend what makes up the constitution of dark matter. There have been no successful attempts yet for trying to capture or even observe dark matter particles. The closest that scientists have come to knowing about dark matter is through the inherent force that it exhibits on all known visible matter, which can be perceived by us as gravitational force. This is the force that drags down objects from a heightened state of energy to its original state of potential. Therefore, it can be said that the gravitational force exhibited by dark matter is the only thing that is essentially keeping all the planets, stars, galaxies, superclusters and so on in an intricate structural framework. Without the presence of this unseen force or matter everything would have fallen apart due to the fact that the invisible matter essentially forms a framework or “web” on which the visible part of the cosmos is essentially formed and structured on.


Tripped Out Fact: Dark matter was first discovered (theoretically ofcourse) when scientists observing distant galaxies understood that the stars at the ends of a galaxy were orbiting at almost the same speed as the ones which were close to the center of the galaxy. This meant that some invisible force was holding the galaxy in a stable conformation preventing it from tearing itself apart.


On the other hand, dark energy is an essentially incomprehensible force which is competing with the gravitational force exhibited by the dark matter around us. This essentially means that dark energy is acting against the gravitational force that is keeping the whole universe together in a geometrical pattern of symbiotic interaction. The framework formed by the dark matter is slowly being expanded and overcome by the repelling force exhibited by dark energy on the same.

Tripped Out Fact: It is estimated that around 5 billion years ago, dark matter lost the battle against the repulsive force of dark energy. This meant that the balance and synchronicity between the galaxies and other celestial bodies started to get disrupted. Since then, the universe has been constantly expanding at a rapid pace, the dismal end of which could be in the form of death by ice.

Tripped Out Fact: The ideal situation would be a balance between the dark matter and the dark energy, where the universe would be in a fairly stable conformation and the galaxies and celestial bodies would be at almost perfect distances from each other. Even if dark matter triumphs over dark energy, the fate of the universe would be death by fire, which would occur due to the universe condensing.



The analogy of dark matter, dark energy and visible matter can be applied to human nature and the human psyche as a whole; after all we are a whole universe in ourselves. These three phenomena can be compared to Jungian or Freudian archetypes of human psyche, which include the Self, the Shadow and the Anima as per Carl Jung’s archetypes, and the Id, Ego and Superego as defined by Sigmund Freud. These three archetypes have been described as being mediators or projectors of three basic parts of the human psyche. The Self or Ego is the part of our human psyche which ultimately acts as a mediator or an axis of balance between the other two elements of the psyche. The Shadow or the Id can be described as the repressed part of our human nature, which consists of the primal and basic instincts which drive some of our most primitive urges. Lastly, the Anima or the Superego can be described as the feminine part or the sensitive part from which compassion and love emanates.

The Ego or the Self is the entity which is attributed with bringing a balance between the instinctive and primal nature of the Shadow/Id and the compassion and nurturing part of the Anima/Superego. If the balance is lost, meaning that if instinctive desires and primal urges overcome the compassion and empathy within us or vice versa, life would fall apart in inconceivable ways. A lack of balance would essentially mean a disruption of our inner psyche, either resulting in explosive outbursts of anger and violence, or in over-sensitized states of mental health such as schizophrenia.

The universe is rapidly heading towards a disruption of balance between the force of dark matter and the repelling force of dark energy. The dark matter can be considered as being analogous to the Anima or the Superego, binding the visible part of the cosmos (analogous to the Self or Ego) together and saving it from the unseen forces of dark energy, which can be considered as an analogy to the Shadow or Id. If we consider this disruption of balance, we can see it from our level of society as well, where people are becoming excessively prone to violent outbursts and being slave to various mental disorders. If these people could just be given an outlet or a way to vent their insecurities and built-up urges, the balance could be restored. On the other hand, in this depraved and paranoid society, any mental disease frustrated vent-out is treated with scorn and punishment, due to which the balance between dark matter and dark energy is being disrupted to a large degree.

Take a minute to consider this: this imbalance in the cosmos and in today’s society can be seen as a direct way to understand how connected we truly are with the cosmos as a whole. The increasing imbalance in society today can be a direct cause of the grand and colossal repercussions that we are seeing on a cosmic level.  Maybe, it is time to make an effort and understand that we are not just here to stand and witness the unfolding of our cosmic destiny, we have the power to decide the fate of the cosmos on the basis of how ready we are to understand and change ourselves.

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