7 word stories (Part 1)

1. Be afraid of humans, they are animals!

♠Trees of Amazon Forests that were once the best friends of humans♠


2. For Sale: Degrees. Qualification required: Big Pockets!

♠Private Educational Institutes♠


3. Enter at your own risk. Slavery Inside.

♠Honest welcome message outside a corporate house♠


4. Run, Fight, Jump. Boarding for the fittest.

♠Mumbai Local Trains♠


5. Three Triplicates blabbering bullshit for 159 minutes!

♠Humshakals story in 7 words♠ (In fact you can tell most of the Bollywood stories in 7 words. lol)


6. Art, Water, Time, Loyalty. Just sell everything!

♠Consumer Capitalistic Culture♠


7. Selling Minds. Some Fresh, Some Veteran Corporate Slaves!

♠Honest Placement Ad by a B-school♠

7 word story

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