Down the reverie maze

I look over the edge of the cliff, over to the vast immense ocean as it carves away at the mountain-side, relentlessly attacking its piece of art; just another one in nature’s vast gallery of exhibits. As I walk down the aisle and look at the pieces of art with an expression of awe on my face, the white floor and the walls seem like they are closing in on me. A sense of claustrophobia engulfs me as I run down in an attempt to escape from being crushed under the weight of the aisles closing in around me.I see the light at the end of the tunnel as I approach it with open arms and streaming eyes. The train comes out of the tunnel with an almost blinding effect as the light hits my eyes which were covered by darkness till then. The shouts of the vendors on the train distract my attention from the ever-moving scenery outside the window as I search for something to satiate my hunger. I quickly grab hold of the railing and proceed to walk towards the call of the vendors as the train rumbles on in my head, heavily pulsating and hitting me incessantly.


I stop in the middle and look towards the right as the station arrives slowly, my foot meeting the Earth as if like a long-lost friend. I walk into the light of the afternoon, meandering like a river with no fixed course or destination. I meet trees and boulders on the way, they wave to me as I pass by. The sound of my descent down the mountain feels uplifting as I give myself up to the flow, not noticing how I relentlessly hit the banks and uproot trees, rocks and soil. I jump off the edge of the cliff, not unlike a waterfall, into the depths of the ocean where my destination lies. The water meets my body with a pain that feels more blissful than any act of pleasure I have indulged in. Into the depths of the ocean I glide silently, peacefully as the dark engulfs me. I am again greeted by the ever-moving scenery around me, glimpses of past and future, I see them without judgment and they just pass over me without affecting me to any degree.

I sink deeper and deeper down to the very depths of the ocean, and am greeted by the pulsating rhythm of light, which slowly emanates in the form of specks in the darkness. The lights come closer and closer till they start moving past me, slowly at first and then much more faster, until the car moves steadily along the row of streetlights. The seat feels uncomfortable, as if I landed from a height on to a rough surface. I look at through the window and try to focus on where I am exactly. Then I think to myself, “Why don’t I remember this memory?” I turn around to look at the person driving the car but his face is obscured by the darkness. I look closely and see that his features resemble someone I once knew. I look closer and see myself, as I find myself staring into the mirror. I turn on the lights and see the water flowing from the tap, as if like a river through the mountainside. I sink back into the bathtub and transport myself back to the depths of the ocean.


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