Who would listen to a _______?

I looked at the great white wall illuminating, scorching sensation of brightness and clandestine aura of its class. I marvelled at the very thought of climbing it ever. I always wanted to see what was beyond and after that white sensation which always perplexed my mind like the squeeze of a boob. I was not prepared to go along the displacement as I had no force to support and get the work done. I admired scientific inventions but I was getting sick of the conventions and constraints. I just wanted to cross that white wall to reach somewhere where I had never been before, wandering through the nostalgic air of my home. A home, of senseless perceptions and chivalrous life it was as perceived. My heart was running like those legs of beauty and power which once, made my life as beautiful as the moon.mousetrap-close-up-picture-39160553

She had those legs and limbs of callous seduction which never vanished through my eyes. That sight under the influence of darkness was never so bright and it always emerged as her naked sensation rolled behind closed eyelids. I opened them to find that white and never-ending wall and instantly knew that it was a never-ending trip. I always had a different day where I tripped in different ways but always had the same sensation of beauty and brain. I never understood it. Had I tried to, I would have gotten (Adam Levine & Slash, 2010) lost in it. It would have chained every organ of my body while passing through my skin. With a chained heart and a blindfolded mind, I felt vulnerable. I held my hand out to touch the wall but I could not find anything. The mere sight of losing it tainted my trip and converted it in fear. I knew that I need to calm down but then, my mind was blindfolded. I could not think about it and I went blank.

I knew that I had to explore more to know more. I had thought about selling my soul once but then who would listen to a mouse? If God never listened, the why the devil would devil listen to me?

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