Remove the layers,

Prejudice and judgment

Feel the freedom

Revel in the chaos;


Absorb the energy,

Throbbing and vast,

Acknowledge the whole,

Revel in the beauty;


Feel the connections,

Deep and pure,

Do not give into fear,Awakening

Revel in the nakedness;


Look into the eyes,

See yourself in others,

For once you know yourself,

Revel in the clarity;


Feel the one mind,

For once the layers dissolve,

All of us are but the same,

Revel in the oneness;


Descend into the depths,

Be fearless and question,

And once you know reality,

Revel in the creation.


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  1. I feel it is an “adhyatmic” poem that you have expressed out of your deep experience. Kudos.

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