Destination utopia, location unknown,
Have the bricks been laid?
Have the seeds been sown?

Are we close or are we far?
Are we following maps of dust,
To navigate through the stars?

And thus my curiosity peaks,
Should I pull the trigger,
And find out the answer I seek?

But wait! What is this I find,
Those with power have grander schemes,
To solve the mystery for mankind.

Why pull the trigger, just push the button?
Why fade away when you can blaze?
We deserve a grand send off to oblivion.

To end in with a big bang would be fitting,
We are all made of stars,
And to the stars we shall be returning.

We cannot be created nor be destroyed,
We just change shape and form,
Through different stages of this ride.




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About Madhur Oza

Aspiring artist. MBA. Erstwhile corporate cavalry. Live to eat. Nerd. Suburban Mumbaikar (pseudo Mumbaikar technically). After having been conditioned by society, it's time to be conditioned by the soul...

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