Social Entrepreneurship: Sowing the Seeds of Passion for Higher Purposes

Our society has been obsessed with the pursuit of materialism and accumulating wealth for one’s own self. Even in the midst of this rat race, there do exist zealous passionate youngsters who strive for bringing change in the society. Bansari Kamdar’s startup(The Social Bridge)is one such platform that has been created with the purpose of channelizing individuals for a higher purpose, a social one at that.

THC labs team got an opportunity to meet a young and enthusiastic female change-maker, who turned  her passion into one that can be used to bring a large-scale change in society as a whole


She completed her graduation from WPI, USA and has worked with corporate giants Monster, J.P. Morgan and Chase Asset Management. Rather than settling abroad to relish the dreams of a lavish and privileged lifestyle, along the conventional mentality of today’s youngsters who go for this comfortable option, she returned back to her homeland to feed her itch to change the face of society at large.

“I had that pulsating drive in me somewhere to contribute to the betterment of people. Probably that came when I volunteered in the past in NGOs like Yuva Unstoppable and Matrudham Old Age Home.  The first thing I did when I came to India was to search on the internet and volunteer in some social organizations” said Bansari. “But there were no such platforms for volunteers to look for NGOs. I  had thought of starting my own NGO but it would have been in the list of one amongst 31 lakh NGOs of India.”


“Entrepreneurship was in my blood. That was when the ingrained entrepreneurial virtue evoked and I knew what I had to do”

There are more than 31 lakh NGOs in India, more than double the number of schools in India. There is a widespread perception that such organizations are merely mediums used to harbor black money and gain fame for charity purposes.

People have started to lose faith in the genuineness of NGOs and volunteers who work for the betterment of society, including the people who are funding them.  That was when the idea of a startup, a culmination of entrepreneurial zeal, a drive to motivate and empower women, and a direction towards a higher purpose culminated with Bansari starting The Social Bridge.

The Social Bridge was born as an initiative “To connect change-makers to causes and transform ideas into movement”. It has bridged the gap between Non-Profit Organizations and individuals who would be interested in working towards social change and causes that need good people”

The social bridge evaluates their non- governmental organization with an impact assessment parameter rather than just assess them on fundamental parameters of mission and vision.  Youths especially willing to contribute to the betterment of humanity at large. Her startup gives a platform to youngsters by connecting them to genuine, non-governmental organizations and embrace responsibility for the community.


Bansari has a fitting advice for young women entrepreneurs as well, “Information technology is a tool to ease out your venture, don’t run away from it, you will gradually realize how easy it is to use. Tap it and optimize your work to get a good start”

Bansari shared some pearls of wisdom for women entrepreneurs aspiring to start their venture in this male-dominated ego-centered society. “Don’t under-estimate yourself, you have the caliber to move mountains. Don’t ever stop and succumb to criticism and perpetual rejections from society. Be bold and face it. You are the treasure- believe in the power of you”.

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”- as Albert Einstein.


The Social Bridge and THC Labs are platforms which help individuals understand what they are inherently capable of. This capability and potential is much more than just money-making and accumulating wealth. Each one of us has the potential to change the face of society and change the way individuals view the world. It is time to be that change.

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