Speak with the corner of your eyes,

Speak with thy blink.

Hide no young lies,

And I shall even understand thy wink.


Speak with your breath so deep,

Speak with your smile.

And then hearing you, can I calmly sleep,

As you look after me, for a while.


Speak with a coffee you keep by my side,

Speak with the chair that you bring.

Life is indeed a tedious ride,

And you are someone over whom I can definitely cling.


Speak with that worried line on your forehead,

When you don’t see me near.

Speak for the emotions that you never said,

And with you there will be nothing that I fear.


Speak with your forever presence,

Speak with your shining glow.

Let me miss your absence,

And you be the best person I know.


Speak for the emotions you feel

Speak as you open thy heart so wide,

Let all thy words reveal,

And I am sure there will be no need to write. 


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