The Blind Tongue

Words, those blatant and shallow sounds;

We attribute a lot to them, yet wallow;

In the immense distance that they present;

Between the concept and the experience;


To be sure about what a word is;

It is not enough to know what it means;

As knowing its meaning is but a glimpse;

Of what actually has to be explored and felt;


There are times when the words point;970b4fb73755d9f87c9771bb3307f0f0

In the direction of what they actually embody;

But, to reach the embodiment of a syllable;

It is necessary to acknowledge the destination;


Most of the times we find ourselves,

Worshiping the word itself and once in a while;

Experience shows us how far we were from the real;

For which “divine” is just a signpost.



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