The Holy Connection

Connections are invisible, almost sub-conscious.THC_final

Connections are simple, almost ordinary.

Connections are honest, almost illusory!


We bring out the ordinary, the invisible, the ‘almost-missed-out’ in our daily chaos.

We question norms, sometimes completely disregard them.

We submit to our instincts carelessly, disregarding societal rights and wrongs

To tickle your consciousness with some sub-conscious that resides deep within.

To help you meander out of all chaos and momentarily lose yourself!


For writing is that remedy & the utmost form of art for us!

And art gives us a high, like no other!

Since art binds us without any leash or compulsion

Since art cannot contain, only liberate

Since art builds the best connections between souls!


Experience the Holy, Experience the Art, Experience the connection!


The daily dose of Ordinary – THC Labs


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