The Stage

I walk in the realms of blistering shadows
Like the meteors igniting
The dark, doomed sky.
Ascending the
Stairway to the tree house
I see  post cards
And lampshades.
coming to life
With stories
Of pain and pleasure..
Promises, made and broken..
Dreams lived and shattered.
I carry them on the
Shoulders of my black swan attire.
And begin walking towards the
Riveting door.
Beyond that door,
I seek emancipation.
Slowly succumbing and serenading
I plunge into the interiority.
I open my eyes just once
To see the concourse.
Those unknown faces beaming with joy
In anticipation of
A Beguiling Act.
I render the voiceless
Like an impervious body
Surrenders to the porosity of Music.stage
And close my eyes again
To feel the
Effeminacy and Freedom.
I’m laughing and crying,
Fluttering and composing,
Holding on to those
Little notes.
Those falsettos and vibratos
Are mere escape clauses.
I’m not myself anymore.
The universe engulfs me;
And I’m lit up on fire
With Divinity !

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About Nimeeta Gakhar

Chew my words well For they're Heavy They're broken pieces Of my Heart Someday Those forces within you Will force you within me The delirium of the doomed Fills the narrow shelves Even at stranger time. I sing to forgive and write to forget! Happy trippin'

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