To life and its simplicity


Many feelings, Many thoughts
Some fleeting, some lasting!
Learning to tell them apart.
The thrill of an almost secretive friendship,
The care of an almost unexpected bond,
The rather unwanted loneliness experienced by a week ever parasitic heart, seeking dependence to be happy, dependence on fads, hobbies, infatuations about people and things alike.

The temporary quenching of these unwanted longings.
The helplessness.
The desires, dark and bright.
The realizations, alarmingly naked bereft of any veil of lies, bare, disgusting, disturbing, true nevertheless!

The decisions, some reasoned, some rationalized, some made by you, some imposed on you,
yet almost all regretted at one point of time, yet almost all leading you to where you are.

The experiences, ugly and forgettable, lovely and memorable, yet almost all leaving behind a lesson.

The expressions, some spoken, some indicated; subtle and explosive,
the shudder of a tender kiss, the adrenaline of mad love,
the interpreted meaning of a whisper, the deciphering of just a moments glance.

Not many, just one.
A seamless blend of many colours forming one unique soul.
Your Soul, and no one others.
Your perceptions and no one others.
Convoluted yet not winding, blended yet not mixed, adapted from many but not completely theirs. But yours. Truly and completely.

To life,
And its profound simplicity…



Photography – Trishna Panchal

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