First tasting of THC Labs’ 5 layered biryani

‘Food Week’ was our first attempt at an alternate exploration of food and all we can say that we are still in the process of assembling ingredients for the flavourful biryani that we will be serving in the future.

Eating is the most fundamental method in which we convert matter to energy, and we are all aware of the innumerable ways in which matter and energy can manifest themselves. It is therefore, that the study of the multi-dimensional existence of food requires some serious appetite.

We want our agenda to be wholesome as a plate of home cooked biryani and not an assortment of random edibles thrown into the trolley at the supermarket. Thus we present to you a preview of what will be cooking at THC Labs in this hyper-reality, a 5 layered awesome biryani:

1) Date dining: What people call ‘fine dining’ (or for some of us a mandatory investment for any kind of success in dating). It could also be looked at as a date with food with a lot of platonic playfulness, romantic reverence, aesthetic augmentation and the right amount of dirty decadence. We’ll have more courses for you than our pointless MBA coursework!

2) Gluttonous glory: The woods are lovely dark and deep, but if I have munchies how will I sleep? This is about eating for eating’s sake- unhindered pursuit of flavours and satisfaction of cravings. We will set out on a ‘Street Food Conquest’ and bring our plunder back here at THC Labs to share with you all you gluttons!

3) Chef’s cauldron: This is where the magic begins! Will we ever run out of dishes to create? It is not just heating/frying/baking etc., it’s an artists vision taking shape, and it’s edible! Be with us as we will be starting from scratch and together we could even create a hitherto untried method of cooking the mighty egg!

4) Nutritional nirvana: Our aim is to revolutionize daily meals-replace the monsters in our diets with heroes of health. Reconnecting with food as it was meant to be will bring us closer to being as we were meant to be. Be ready to binge on healthy milkshakes, juices, sandwiches, finger food, chaat, chocolate and chips (yes, you read it right…this is no ordinary revolution..remember remember the 12th of September!)

5) Knowledge kitchen: Let’s revisit photosynthesis and the food chain; unwrap the origins and evolution of cooking across cultures; Heisenberg the fudge out of food chemistry; understand the importance of a burger; and maybe even predict what the food of the future will be!

All that’s left to ask now, in the words of Tin Tin, is ‘How’s your thirst for adventure?’ We’ll be serving all this and a lot more in our dedicated food blog coming soon!

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