Delhicious: A definitive guide to Delhi food

As Delhi offers a smorgasbord of eating options, we felt we could not do justice by confining it to ‘Under Rs.100’ theme. Instead, we have come up with a theme based exploration of Delhi’s edible caboodle (based on suggestions from ‘Doc’ Aditya Singh and Jitesh ‘Jandy’ Anand).

Themes Classification:
1. Mughlai eats
2. Veg street food
3. Student favourites
4. Rolls/ Burgers/ Sandwiches
5. Bakeries
6. Late night munchies

Mughlai eats
From the rustic alleys that lead to small eateries tucked away in the crowded by lanes of this area with an Old Delhi vibe to lavish plates overflowing with aromatic and complex curries all at throw away prices. The fiery korma (beef or mutton), the delectable kebabs and sweet puffy khameeri rotis to soak up the excess flavor infused fat are all vying for your attention once you enter the area and start following your senses (awesome aromas of sizzling juicy kebabs, beautiful biryani all for under a hundred bucks.!

Where: Zakir Nagar |What: Al-Rashida, Madina Nahari

Kebabs and khameeri roti, Zakir Nagar
Kebabs and khameeri roti, Zakir Nagar (1)

Where: Jama Masjid|What: Street Food

Street Food at Jama Masjid (2)
Street Food at Jama Masjid (2)

Veg street food
These are the legendary old restaurants that have become landmarks in their own right after generations of sticking to the exact same menu prepared in the exact same way (and for good reason!).  The spicy cholley with the soft twice – cooked bhaturey at Sitaram is as good and delectable as the sweet and spicy papri chaat at Prabhu Chaat bhandaar (located at UPSC Bhawan and for under a hundred bucks easy).

The unique take on Parathas at Parathe Wali gali just cannot be missed out on! Deep fried and served with three to four interfering side’s they make for a filling vegetarian meal for about a hundred bucks.

Where: Sitaram Diwan Chand, Paharganj| What: Chhole Bhature

Sitaram-Officially the best chole bhature in Delhi!
Sitaram-Officially the best chole bhature in Delhi! (3)

Where: Prabhu Chaat Bhandar, UPSC Office, Khan Market| What: Papri Chaat

Papri Chat, Prabhu Chat Bhandar (3)
Papri Chat, Prabhu Chat Bhandar (4)

Where: Hira Lal Chaat, Chawri Bazaar| What: Kulle Chaat

Kulle Chat, Hira Lal, Chawri Bazaar (4)
Kulle Chat, Hira Lal, Chawri Bazaar (5)

Where: Parathe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk| What: Parathas

Parathe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk (8)
Parathe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk (6)

Student favourites
Located near student populated areas these prices would suit all pockets. Juicy pork Momos in Chanakya Puri (half plate for under 100 but these are fulfilling in all the right ways). Grilled tandoori momos at the imaginatively titled Hunger Strike in Lajpat Nagar will leave you asking for seconds all at the risk of exceeding our Rs. 100 budget!

Where: Yashwant Place, Chanakya Puri| What: Pork Momos

Where: Hunger Strike, Lajpat Nagar| What: Tandoori Momos

Tandoori Momos, Hunger Strike (7)

While Bengali food purists might disagree, 34 Chowringee Lane at Satya Niketan serves up a mean hearty single mutton roll for a hundred bucks. Fancy a quick tuna out ham sandwich? Hop into this friendly neighborhood joint called Novelty Dairy & Stores in Jangpura. Or try something exotic and hearty,  in Jangpura look for Afghani burger. A delight, with chicken and French fries stuffed saucy roll. Another delight is the Indian variant of shawarma at Al-bake New Friends Colony.

Where: 34 Chowringee Lane, Satya Niketan| What: Rolls

Rolls at 34 Chowringee Lane (5)
Rolls at 34 Chowringee Lane (8)

Where: Novelty Dairy & Stores| What: Ham/Tuna Sandwich

The picture says it all really! (6)
The picture says it all really! (9)

Where: Pakeeza Burger Stall, Kashmiri Gate, Jangpura| What: Afghan Burger

Afghan Burger at Pakeeza (10)
Afghan Burger at Pakeeza (10)

Where: Al-bake, New Friends Colony| What: Shawarma

Shawarma at Al-bake (7)
Shawarma at Al-bake (11)

There are many bakery and patisseries in the city to let you indulge in this those sweet cravings and just let go. Try Wengers in CP and Defence Bakery in Defence Colony- both among the legendary bakeries of the city.

Where: Wengers Bakery, Connaught Place| What: All that sweet stuff!

Wengers at CP (12)
Wengers at CP (12)

Where: Defence Bakery, Defence Colony| What: More of that sweet stuff

Defence Bakery (13)
Defence Bakery (13)

Late night munchies
It’s late and you crave a quick and satisfying meal, something that hits the spot. Have some paranthas laden with butter and awesomeness (especially kheema paratha)and eye watering spicy chicken curry at Laxman Dhaba, opposite IIFT campus. Another paratha option is Moolchand, near Moolchand Metro, Lajpat Nagar. Or if you prefer maybe the good ‘ol rajma chawal or kadhi chawal, then Shivaji Stadium is the place you wanna go. Places in Gurgaon such as Convergys Dhaba (actual name Mukesh Dhaba) are also some that you should check out.

Where: Laxman Fast Food, Opp IIFT Main Gate| What: Stuffed parathas and curries

Chicken Paratha at Laxman Fast Food (13)
Chicken Paratha at Laxman Fast Food (13)

Where: Moolchand Paranthewala, Moolchand Metro, Lajpat Nagar| What: Parathas & Tea

Moolchand Parathe, Moolchand Metro (14)
Moolchand Parathe, Moolchand Metro (14)

Where: Shivaji Station Bus Stand, Connaught Place| What: Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal at nameless (15)
Rajma Chawal at nameless (15)

Where: Mukesh Dhaba (Convergys Dhaba), DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon| What: Gravies, tandoori and parathas

Dhaba Chicken at Mukesh Dhaba (16)
Dhaba Chicken at Mukesh Dhaba (16)

Well, are you hungry enough now? Run over to check out one of these places and also see if you can win that awesome 30 day trip across 9 cities in the the ‘Munching Monk‘ contest being held by us in collaboration with Vouch4Couch here.

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