Food Week Recap: A Guide to Food and Related Ideas

If there is one thing I have to stand by, with absolute certainty, it has to be that knowledge and our hunger for ever more knowledge runs us, it alone propels us to do all that we do

At The Holy Connection Labs, we are meeting this ideal head on. Our week long studies in themes all around us, present us with this opportunity to learn, explore and expand our inner consciousness, and prepare for that eventual wider connect with the ever flowing and outer, shared consciousness. To become knowledge itself.

This last week we explored Food. A seemingly tame topic but when it showed us that there exist avenues of exploration within Food that are far outside humankind’s current gaze, we changed. Knowledge changed us.

And so, armed with all that we have learned, we present to you this guide to come with us. So that we(you/humankind) can start off from where we(humankind) have left.


To begin with, let’s go back to the early humans, the homo habilis and the homo erectus. A study showed that early humans must have needed to chew their food for up to 5.7 to 6.2 hours in a day. But with the advent of fire and eventually cooking came a considerable reduction in the time required for digestion of food. With it came the reduction in the need to have large guts as well as the need to spend a long time of the day chewing and munching. This gave early men much more time to explore and indulge in other socially constructive activities, which may in turn have led to the birth of culture and society.
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On similar lines, we’d also explored the relationship between fruits and man. Turns out the profundity imbibed into this relationship is nothing less than sacred. From our understanding of what is attractive, to some of the biological processes within us, we share a lot with fruits.
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We then looked at fruits from a more scientific standpoint and uncovered the secrets behind many myths that go with them. Shocker but yes, an apple a day is not in itself capable of keeping the doctor away.
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Post talking of societally built and culturally important ideas related to food, we saw that feelings and emotional attachments based upon those ideas also mandated an exploration; it commanded a true to heart study in food and all the feelings that go with it.
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But we also know that feelings are closely linked to our sensory apparatus. And all these sensory apparatuses like to be in harmony with each other; when out of it the effects become quite apparent; in terms of aberrations or completely altered responses. We found out about one such relation when looking at the effects of music on the perceived tastes of different food items.
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Now having studied the effects of music on food, basically the effects of a means of expression on a one of a kind sensory overload phenomena, we decided to launch a reverse exploration; that of the effects of food on other means of expression. We found our answers in language. Here we looked at popular phrases that originated around food items and their uses.
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Within this language study, we found the idea of saying grace before eating to be quite fascinating, and while looking from a wholly scientific standpoint we could sense an explanation for the ritual/custom but were faced with a lack of one.
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And now that we are at the dinner table, let’s also talk about eating styles from various cultures, with a special regard to hands. This particular debate has been going on for ages. The debate is about using one’s bare hands for both cooking and eating. We saw that some cultures adore the idea and others frown at even a mention. To add further value to the debate, we pivoted ours on the idea that maintaining the essence of food while cooking and allowing the fullest form of the food item to reach our bellies remain prime.
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Food eaten becomes a part of us, and it is distributed all over and all around, inside of us. And one of the areas that demand close scrutiny in terms of its constituents is our brain. So we arranged a wide range study covering major food types and the effects the consumption of them can have on your brains.
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Food items that consist our daily diet, healthy items that we consider to be good friends of us, were revealed to us as deadly monsters hiding in plain sight. Incase your friends include Bournvita, Complan, Tropicana, McVities or related items,
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On a partly separate vein, we had discussed two other things, food items that are considered bizarre in the eyes of some and the overly generous servings of food porn available on television.
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And before finally plunging into the food markets around us, we sat down to decide the various types of foodies we were. Presented by an MBA using his only means of expression: matrices.
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In the markets, we found stories of,

The ages long Biryani wars of India

The superstar Samosas of Bera

The foods of Delhi

The foods of Kolkata

Food-opreneurs: Frootle and Soorma Bhopali

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