What kind of a foodie are you?

Let’s not begin by discussing the importance of food. If this still needs to be told to you, just think about why we are all a part of ‘FOOD CHAIN’ and not a ‘CLOTHES CHAIN’ or a ‘SHELTER CHAIN’.

At one point in my life, people around me started pointing out that I was really serious about food. REALLY SERIOUS. It is then that I realized that if food was a religion, I’d be a priest.

But how serious are you about food (or in other words, how likeable do I think you are? Not that my judgement matters as such but it matters to me! Don’t people get into fistfights over TV show spoilers, well then!)

Let us answer some questions that will help in determining where you stand on the ‘Foodie Matrix’:

  1. Do you plan your meals? (aka Foodministration): Thinking about lunch since breakfast, dinner since lunch and breakfast since dinner; not to mention other meals/snacks etc. So many criteria- where to eat, what cuisine, how much to spend…list goes on!
  2. Do you explore new tastes/cuisines/variations? (aka Foodstronomy): Are you a fish out of water when faced with unfamiliar tastes/dishes, or are you excited about the prospect of new tastes? Would saying ‘Chocolate Sandwich’ make you cringe?
  3. Do you avoid/prevent wastage; consume conscientiously? (aka Foodtivism): Do you fill up your plate recklessly without remembering your capacity? Do you simply discard food if it’s missed the mark slightly? Do you know that a third of the world is starving?
  4. Do you promote food awareness/enthusiasm? (aka Foodaganda): Do conversations about food fascinate you and you want them to go on for hours? Do you want everyone around you to eat that good thing that you ate (and it matters if they like it as well!)?

The Foodie Matrix: Where do you fit?

foodie graph

Spend some good 10-15 minutes with this image & you would have a better feel at dinner tonight, trust me.

At THC Labs, we stand for an alternate exploration of existence by being a platform for people to explore & experience various forms of art & science; and food we think fits both fields equally.

So let us begin an alternate exploration of the science that is food and the food that is art! We will ensure that we would have something for everyone, no matter what category in the above matrix you can relate with.

Till you figure out in what block you actually fit, I’m off to compose the next blog post! High-Five to the foodie within you… Let’s live food!



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