Asking and Receiving- I

Context: there are three main aspects that you can actually utilize in life, which are asking the right questions, reading the signs and listening hard to what experience tells you. If you are attuned to going beyond and actually yearning for the answers; as in if you want the answers badly enough, you will receive them. If you are looking for the answers, you will find them through the immediate experiences that you have; just reading between the lines and connecting the dots is the key.

The more you yearn for, the more you will receive; but remember, there’s no end to the immense information out there…the more you dwell within, the more questions you are left with.


Existence, what is it?human-space-universe-cosmos (1)

Surviving or thriving?

Should I buy this or that?

Should I earn through this or that?


Existence, what its not..

Merely surviving,

Running after pieces of paper,

Yearning for material nothingness.


Existence, how can we know?

Questions will lead to answers,

Fearlessness will lead to change,

Curiosity will lead to exploration.


How do we exist fully?

Open your senses to the vast unknown,

Listen to the cosmic orchestra,

Absorb the energy of oneness.


So what is existence after all?

Knowing that there is a long way to go,

Knowing that you are part of something,

Knowing you are not “one”, but all.


Existence is being one with the transitions and the levels of infinite possibilities;

Existence is playing and drawing with the skies;

Existence is being one with the breath of the mountains;

Existence is acknowledging the powers within us;

Existence is….limitless!

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