She dreamed not of sparkle or splendor

Or the avowed perfect.

She dreamed not of the conventional, the regular,

Or the beguiling unique


She painted what she saw,

And danced to what she heard,

She tumbled and she shrugged,

She erred and she laughed.


She flew and she flowed, seamlessly dreaming,

In an ocean, she considered her own.

She searched and sought

Instead the visible, the surfaced,

Their inside, their depths unknown


She loved and she dreamed,

But, they couldn’t see;

Unreal, brave, dupable or a mere disguise –

But she continued to be.


A fool indeed!

She thought she is moving, breathing, living,

Oblivious to her covert opaquing

That the ocean is an abyss

And that she is only drowning.


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