7 reasons why you should indulge in Kickboxing

Health department at Harvard has rated Kickboxing higher than any other form of Calorie burning exercise. Let us understand why Kickboxing class is a better workout than the Gym!

  1. One stop solution to all your fitness needs:

Kickboxing is a one of its kind fitness regime that improves your cardiovascular endurance, tones your muscles, helps you shed your extra kilos, enhances flexibility & leaves you confident and self-dependent.


  1. Best way to ditch the bitch called ‘stress’:

The strong punch and kick movements of this exercise helps you vent out all your frustration and gives a sense of relaxation and subtleness. It improves the release of the neurotransmitter – endorphin that helps diminish stress.


  1. Self Defence:

This is an icing on the cake for taking up kickboxing as an exercise routine, it feels sexy and strong at the same time when you know you can punch off someone’s nose, grab his neck and kick him off the ground by yourself.


  1. Get your blood moving:

The high intensity and strong movements increase the heart rate, improve blood circulation and help burning extra fat.


  1. Lift-up your balance and co-ordination:

Kickboxing involves a lot of balancing that helps improve overall movements, prevent muscle pulls and make falls & injuries less frequent.


  1. Creates a solid core:

The intensity and strong movements involved require core activation and hence improve the core muscle strength tremendously.


  1. Get out of the boredom:

It’s always fun to work out on foot tapping music and loud movements. Also it is time saving as it involves both cardio and strength training at the same time. It’s all the more fun trying it on a beach or a hill top.

So what are you waiting for?


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