Happy is Healthy


The older I get, the more I learn how important it is to be Happy

‘coz happy is healthy

They say you need patience to find true happiness,

it won’t come at a speed you wantimages (1)

……Nopes!! I want to be happy now!!

& it’s super easy…just Smile!

According to a research, a smile needs 12 muscles & a frown needs 11

Happiness is a choice,

the choice between Zygomaticus and Corrugator supercilli

The choice of that one extra muscle is totally worth it.

The less you respond to the troublesome shit around you,

the more active the zygomaticus will be,

& then you’ll end up using less energy to smile than to frown



“Joy is portable, I take it wherever I go

Every smile is pretty, but mine is the prettiest

I wake up everyday & say – this is my day to sparkle

& smile to myself in the mirror with happiness in my eyes

‘coz happy is healthy


I need very little time to go to the parlour or a gym

if my soul is happydownload (1)

‘coz happy is healthy


I don’t need a clean-up or a make-up for a party,

what makes me look great is wearing a smile

It says I’m happy

& happy is healthy


I don’t always need dumbbells and treadmill for a fit body & sexy curves

my smile is my sexiest curve & I wear a happy dress over it

‘coz happy is healthy


I hardly need to use my kick boxing skills

when I’m in danger,

my smile is my weapon & I’m happy about it,

‘coz happy is healthy


Go ahead, underestimate me,

Don’t trust me, hate me,

I don’t care

I love myself

I accept myself the way I am

I forgive myself for all bad I do

& I forgive you

‘coz I choose to be happy


Happy is Healthy


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