The Ocean In You: Tapping Into the Subconscious Mind

The human mind is undeniably the most magnificent, and arguably the most powerful thing in the universe. It has the amazing ability to learn, mold and even retrain itself through the process of unwiring and rewiring. Being a set of cognitive faculties, enabling consciousness, perception, thinking, judgment, and memory, the mind is the reason for the subjective awareness and intentionality of a living being towards the environment. It helps us to perceive and respond to stimuli with some kind of agency and to have consciousness, including thinking and feeling. It plays a major role in our work, relationships, family life and even in the society we live in, to help us achieve the best and reach the pinnacle. But “it” is a concept that transcends anything that can be said through words.


The mind could be divided into three systems: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind is our awareness at the present moment while the unconscious mind is the primitive, instinctual urges that the conscious mind is constantly trying to conceal and hence, is quite difficult to access. But the subconscious mind is the part of our mind which is responsible for all our involuntary actions such as breathing rate, heartbeats, and also the storage of our beliefs and memories that give rise to our unconscious choices and actions simultaneously. Understanding our subconscious mind is essential to use it effectively. Therefore, let us undertake a journey to explore the subconscious mind.

The journey starts with some specific questions which we need to ask ourselves like: Who we are? What have we come to believe about ourselves and our world? How and why do we make unconscious choices and actions occur? Bearing in mind the fact that our playing and tweaking with the subconscious mind can have a tremendous impact on the way we act and behave, the recommendation is to be wherever and however we wish to be and then to allow our intuitive guidance to guide us on the journey to help us explore our hidden motivations.

Subconscious Mind

We need to take a few moments to center ourselves, close our eyes, take a few deep breaths, meditate deeply, and ask if we can connect our subconscious mind with a name as desired. We may find it best to talk to our subconscious with the name we give it as if we are talking to a child, which helps us to find out our deep-rooted blocks, false assumptions, and self-limiting attitudes. We can then release them out by calling upon our will to make some form of change in our logical, rational, conscious mind to set the change it in motion. This triggers the memories, experiences and perceptions stored in the subconscious mind, long after our conscious mind has forgotten them, and helps us to autopilot ourselves towards success. By attributing a name to our subconscious mind, we can see it as a separate entity than us. This, in turn, helps us to look deep into ourselves in an objective way and make the necessary changes that seem to indicate a considerable progress regarding future events. It is almost like nurturing a small child in your head, molding it in the way that you want.

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The subconscious mind is essentially in control of the various intimate and complex functions within the body. Once you learn to observe the little reactions as well as the processes that go on within your body, you can start to understand the way the subconscious works. Imagine associating a particular aspect of your professional life with a bodily process or itch that you have developed. If you train your subconscious mind to observe the process and understand it better, not only would you be able to gain mastery over the nuances of the subconscious workings, but you would also be able to align your subconscious mind and your bodily awareness with the external world and the processes that you encounter therein. In other words, by unlocking the potential of your subconscious mind, you will have the ability to heal yourself as well.

So dive deep, explore yourself, and come back up with the pearl of opportunity from the well of darkness!

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