Highlights of the sports action on THC

1) Gerrard and Pirlo will never be forgotten for their contributions to football

As stated in this post, our generation had the privilege of witnessing these two midfield maestros, and to say that they have left an everlasting impression on the sport and its fans is an understatement.

2) Fans come in all shapes and sizes-from casual observers to extreme fanatics

Passion for sports amongst fans can range from indulging in it as a recreation to excessive obsession leading to violent destructive behaviour. Geographical and social factors also play a role in determining which player/team one chooses and how devoted they are in their support, as explained here.

3) Parkour makes you stronger, faster, sharper, better- physically and mentally

This article sheds light on how parkour transforms your body into a medium of escape for your mind. Practising ‘The Art of Motion’ makes you self-aware and live in the present. It brings about not just a physiological but a psychological metamorphosis.

4) The Turkish, French and Dutch leagues could soon command attention as the new ‘Big Leagues’ in football

The domestic leagues of these countries with a rich footballing legacy are taking giant strides and attracting amongst the biggest names in football, as discussed here. In time, fans would be treated to a spectacle of world class domestic football being played across 7 nations.

5) Literature has tantalised us with some whimsical sports- both ludicrous and obscene

Naked men running in the streets to whip young married woman with thongs in Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’; hedgehogs serving as balls with flamingoes serving as mallets in croquet in Lewis Carrol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’; women serving as trophies in ‘Hussade’ in Jack Vance’s ‘Trullian Alastor 2262’-read on for more!

6) Australia needs Steve Smith to be the next Steve Waugh

As observed here, Australia is at an inflection point in its cricketing history- dealing with the problem of inconsistency, not usually associated with them, and the exodus of a number of senior players. Steve Smith is the man charged with leading them now, and only time will tell if he has shoulders broad enough to carry this powerhouse of cricket.

7) The glorious Nadal-Federer era might have run its course

This post discusses how age, injuries and the ascent of Djokovic could mean that these two stalwarts are past their peak, leaving the stage open for a new rivalry- unless they come back rejuvenated and surprise us all.

8) Some present day ‘sports’ challenge the conception of what can be called sports– case in point ‘Synchronized Swimming’ and ‘Curling’

These two games, as the author opines, cannot engender an inspirational movie, or even enhance the performer’s swagger. The jury is out on whether these are truly sports or not.

9) The notion of a female athlete/sportsperson has still not gained acceptance in Indian society, but Pragnya Mohan’s feats show that the journey through the road less travelled is difficult but not impossible.

Female athletes/sportspersons have to endure discrimination and abuse from outsiders and even face hostilities at home. The story of Pragnya Mohan serves as an inspiration and points to what we must do as a society, to improve the world of sports and make it more fitting for women.

10) Human capabilities are not restricted by physical attributes, and there are those amongst us who prove this every day

This post depicts why Paralympics, the second largest international sporting event, is one where heroes come to demonstrate how anyone can be extraordinary and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles with true grit and determination.

11) Running is our purpose sport and you should go out for a run right now (and then come back and spend a lot of time on the website that told you to do so)!

Running liberates you from worries, increases perseverance, enhances memory and learning and what more- it is the cheapest way to experience freedom…run to the post right now!

12) You can experience some of the greatest moments in sports vicariously through movies like United, Rush, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Raging Bull and Invictus.

Tragedy and triumph, rivalry and respect, the face-off between the underdog and the champion, battling demons outside and inside, differences and unity- witness these stories being told in an unparalleled way.

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