A Light in the Darkness: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Agora (or Sundays @ THC) is an opportunity for all of us to use the platform to discuss some of the most intricate aspects of the world around us and strive to take responsibility to understand and channelize the same for the betterment of society. This time, at Agora 3.0, our focus was on the topic of solar energy as a whole, discussing our deeply rooted relationship with the sun and how we can tap into this potentially colossal source of energy. This would also give us a chance to channel a revolution in the way we view energy as well as our relationship with nature as a whole. This is a very bright time to be alive as we will be witness to one of the biggest paradigm shifts of our age when the world finally learns to harness the power of nature by moving beyond exhaustive and polluting fuels to more sustainable and natural sources of energy, as powerful as the sun.


The event was hosted by- Dr. Harinarayana (http://www.germi.org/) Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute, who weaved the discussion in a meticulous and engaging way, ensuring that the discussion was more along the lines of an experience in itself, rather than just a meet-up of people in suits.  He has guided and motivated thousands of us in the field of energy. 

The panel consisted of the following reservoirs of knowledge on the topic:

Mr. Karan Dangayach, Managing Director, Shashwat Cleantech (http://www.shashwatcleantech.com);

Mr. Sanjay Shah, Director, Abellon CleanEnergy (http://www.abelloncleanenergy.com/)

Mr. Nirat Patel, CEO Effico Energies Solar (http://www.efficoreenergy.com/)

This week, THC Labs will present an article series on the core beliefs, the intense reflections and the approach that our panelists represent. The articles of this week would be concentrated on certain essential questions which were raised during the discussion, delving into the solar powered revolution that is happening around the world today:

  • Will the power of the sun help us realize the dream of a greener and healthier planet?
  • How has solar energy penetrated into the common man’s life since the days of Solar Heater and Solar cooker?
  • What type of future innovations and technical advancements do we see once we learn to harness and control the power of the sun’s potential?
  • Does the government care only about the profitability of solar energy or the inherent positive effects that it will have on the planet as a whole?
  • Do we see a future where solar energy is an industry where opportunities for employment abound like the energy in the sun?
  • How do we store the power of the sun without compromising our abilities to use it in the darkness, essentially at night?
  • For last 5 years, banks were reluctant to give loans to solar power producers. What are the efforts from government to arrange cheap finance for solar projects? How deeply do pieces of paper matter in front of the potential that we can tap into by harnessing the power of the sun?
  • What bigger vision do you we, as a community of clean energy experts reaching out to masses, plan to help create? How do we help spread awareness among people to commune for a higher purpose by using a platform such as The Holy Cup?

Join us for a week of exploring the intense yet subtle nuances of the realization that our greatest power source is waiting is to be tapped by us. This week will be more than just any experience, it will be a push towards a revolution in the making, one that has been waiting to explode like the burst of a star.

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