JAMS Volume 1

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JAMS Volume 1 is the result of the new wing of
THC Labs: Sound Tripping or simply Sounds of THC.

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It is a collection of four tracks
where a set of experimental musicians came together
to experiment with sounds.



Recording Partner: House Of Rock
Contributing Artists:

Ashwin Ramesh | Nisarg Desai | Shubham Saxena | Shankar Iyer
Anirudh Murthy | Jigar Rawal | Kaushal Parmar | Sheldon Ferns
Fanil Mahida

Find the entire album at

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  1. Kudos for the amazing music. Personally, I loved Part III. I loved the way the xylophone is added to everything else (I’m sorry, I know not of any other way to describe this) in this track. While the ‘everything else’ part sounds like a guy on a mission-mode, the xylophone part makes that mission feel like a tripping-mission. It has a hypnotic dreamy kind of feel to it. I’m on a loop with this one. Wish I could get this on my phone!

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