It’s not crazy to quit your job and travel around the world!

The capitalist dream of the current world is what keeps you from traveling & experiencing more within the short span of your lifetime.

Right from the childhood, we are prepared just to sell ourselves to some brand name & taught how to live for money. In fact, it has gotten so deep that the majority of us refrain to do anything if there is no monetary component involved. But that way we are just refraining from crazy experiences & opportunities to explore & understand ourselves & the world we live in!

People have been traveling different places as tour guides or explorers since ages. However, with the advent of internet & some other technologies of scuba diving & sky diving, there is an exponential rise in the number of people who actually quit their jobs to just travel around.

Traveling as they say is the best experience for exploring your consciousness. It makes you more aware about the within & the without. You learn more about yourself on the road alone than anywhere else.

So let us understand 3 brand new ways of exploring different pages of the book called ‘The Earth’.

  1. Scuba Diving

While in Phi Phi Island last year, I met my Scuba diving scubainstructor who was from Estonia. At the age of 30, he had already traveled to Maldives, Indonesia, Canada, Hawai, Fiji, Australia, etc. teaching & experiencing Scuba Diving. The craze for Scuba Diving is ever increasing & there is a lot of Scuba based traveling that happens nowadays.

You can become a certified open water diver within 6 months following which you can travel around to various places around the globe as a scuba diving instructor. There are global companies nowadays who take you traveling to different places if you are associated with them as Scuba diving instructor. These companies not only pay you salaries but also take care of your stay & food at different places. There are some specific companies which encourage its Scuba Divers to keep traveling & be stationed at one place for around 6 months to a year.

Scuba instructors do not make a lot of money compared to the managers & CEOs in typical organizations. However, there are a lot of ways you can supplement your income while diving viz. underwater photography, videography & exploring underwater life. And there are a lot of such instructors who work hard during the season, earn good amount and travel around for the rest of the year without working.

Check out 25 awesome places that you can travel as a scuba diving instructor here.

  1. Sky Diving

There’s yet another lucrative diving world which is becoming one of the most exciting & growing skydivingindustries. What a way to earn while bouncing or freefalling in the sky! The love for travel has seen radical changes in the past few years & sky diving has been a revolutionary benchmark for people wanting to earn while traveling.

Considered as one of the most robust industries currently in the traveling world, sky diving provides you options & opportunities to work part time or full time across various countries throughout the world.

There is a lot of demand for sky divers currently and there are people who pursue it as a passion sport for a few months every year & then travel around for the rest of the months.

Click here for places which you could travel as a sky diving instructor.

  1. Blog, Camera, Action!

Blogging has been an avant-garde new technology for writers. And within the world of blogging, travel travel bloggingblogging is the most recognized profession that people follow & love to read as well.

There is a lot that could be done in a travel blog! Writing down your experiences, destination photography, videography, interviewing local people, etc. And it is also easy to come up with fresh new content & fresh new photographs if you are an avid traveler. There are a lot of examples of travel bloggers who earn more than some million dollars in a year by just traveling around and systematically documenting all their traveling excursions.

For writers, photographers, videographers or any kind of artists for that matter it is anyway pretty easy to travel around & even sell what they create. Paintings & sketches of mountain valleys/ocean beds or some videos of unexplored wilderness or local handicrafts from different places and you are sorted in terms of money. If you love to travel & also love to write, take photographs, shoot videos, you don’t need to be a tech whiz in order to start a blog & start earning.

There are a lot more conventional jobs that pay you for traveling like flight assistants, pilots, food tasters, wine tasters, retail buyers, travel agents, au pair, cruise line workers, tour guides, destination photographers, archaeologists, geologists, oceanographer, etc. There are no limits or boundaries if you relate to traveling as your true passion.

However, I just love the new adventure sports in terms of Scuba Diving & Sky Diving which are intensively promoting traveling & earning nowadays. More than anything else, these two new-age sports are in itself a brand new dimension & exploration of life.

So don’t sell time but buy traveling! The only thing you buy that makes you richer.

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