Travel Week Recap: 7 insights carry with us for the road ahead

trecap aj1) A stroll can become a walk to remember if you seek to learn

As we saw here, a simple, casual walk can teach you that being realistic can coincide with being happy, that maybe we humans haven’t really figured out what we want and that we can all be a bit more selfless.

2) Music fuels the spirituality that is manifested through our most ancient rituals

Through this post, we learnt that music is a medium with the capability to make us transcend dimensions and that this has been known and practiced for ages through rituals like Ayahuasca and Iboga initiation ceremony. (Part II coming soon)

3) Dreams are journeys themselves, merging the memories and the imaginations and influencing reality as well

What we experienced here is that travels form a special type of memory in the brain and are relived again and again. They can take the shape of beautifully crazy dreams. Also, don’t some places make you feel like you are dreaming?

4) Nature can provide avenues for surreal experiences like no other (Explored in two journeys-Part I and Part II)

Set and settings enhance perception to unprecedented heights and this can be seen taking shape in the form of music festivals such as the Parvati Peaking Festival in India, the Traena festival in Norway, the Sasquatch! (Sasquathc?) Festival in USA, and the Envision Festival in Costa Rica amongst others.

5) Our forefathers ventured into lands unknown and thereby created the world we live in today

In this trip we revisited the successes of voyagers like Hanno from ancient Greece-who is deemed to be the first explorer, or Hanno the Carthaginian who set sail with 60 ships and 30,000 people in as far back as 5th century BCE, or Zhang Qian from China who stuck to his task for more than a decade and laid the foundation of the ‘Silk Road’, have defined the course of human history and we are surrounded by this invisible legacy.

6) You can thrive on a life of travel thereby uniting passion and purpose

What we discovered here is that if you are cool with jumping from ridiculous heights or submerging yourself into the other realm that is aquatic life on a daily basis, you can entertain thoughts of quitting a conventional job and start earning by travel (without worrying about being crazy).

7) Venturing outdoors is entwined with the journey inwards (Explored in two journeys-Part I and Part II)

One seeking awakening can follow a holy trail (hummus trail?) of destinations to make this reality-Kasol, Osho Ashram and Vattakanl to name a few. Oh and you can get introduced to Buddhism from the Dalai Lama himself.

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