Munching Monk Finals: A Malvani Seafood Fiesta

Food defines us and creates a memory that only our own senses can conceive. Malvani food has always been the shining star amongst various cuisines in Maharashtra and so no wonder ‘Hotel Malvan’ is standing tall since 1923. A very long time indeed for any food outlet to sustain, more so with so many new options opening each day in Thane (a suburb very close to Mumbai).

But despite being located in a very prominent location in Thane, I could visit this place only recently following a friend’s suggestion based on reviews in Zomato(a place where foodies like us join hands to help each other).


The lane in which this hotel is located is a foodie’s paradise; with every type of cuisine and popular food outlets located one after the other. But the old world look and charm will always invite you to Hotel Malvan and once entered the decent seating won’t disappoint you either. They have different sections and small rooms which are good for people to have small get together parties. Overall the ambience is comforting and fit for family dining too which makes it score 3/5.

They serve alcohol and have regular drinks in bar menu (No mocktails or cocktails).The Food menu is very appealing for non-vegetarians especially seafood lovers. It has limited options for vegetarians (well malvani cuisine is about seafood as it comes from the coastal region so having given àn apt name for the hotel, vegetarians cannot complain). They serve different varieties of Thalis(compact meal with a limited serving of each item- very much common in Mumbai area) which is a good option if you are not in a group. Waiters are prompt and good at suggesting different combinations. Hence, I would give 4/5 for service and menu.


And now the main part, Food. Taste of all dishes was amazing. The mutton kheema was out of the world and we couldn’t stop ourselves from ordering more of it. It goes well with Bhakri (rice roti) or vade (a unique dish of Maharashtra which is more or less like puri but has different types of gram flours and spice in it). Chicken dishes were cooked well but quite ordinary. Fishes were fresh and cooked to perfection for both fried and gravy items. Prawns tasted very nice with a perfect blend of spices and cooked accurately. The side items like chutney and rassa(spicy watery gravy with flavour of what is cooked in it) were very subtle in taste. I would definitely give 5/5 for food.

The rate of all dishes was reasonable going by the quantity and quality of how they were served thereby making it eligible to fit in the category of ‘paisa vasool’. So 4/5 as a value for money.

Being a Keralite brought up in Maharashtra, Malvani cuisine which stands out for its seafood and liberal use of spices has always been my favourite. And after giving my tastebuds such good experience I am craving to visit this place more often in coming days.

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