Munching Monk


Would you like to

  • Eat at a restaurant more than 50 years old?
  • Travel to a new city and stay with like minded people?
  • Do this for more than 9 cities across the country and become a food & travel blogger?

We think we heard ‘Yes, yes and yes!!’;
that’s the first step to become a Munching Monk’

What’s The Plan?
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We are looking for Munching Monks in 9 cities:

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Here’s a step by step guide
describing all you need to know to become a Munching Monk.

Step 1:
Create your profile on by clicking here

Step 2:
Eat at a restaurant that has been around for 50 or more years. Please avoid well-known obvious outlets (e.g. Kareem’s in Old Delhi). 

Step 3:
Write a comprehensive review and send it over to

Guidelines for sending entries
1. Send entries using the e-mail IDs registered at
2. Subject of the mail- Munching Monk_city_yourname_restaurantname
3. Article document to be attached in the mail, file type to be ‘.docx’ or similar MS Word compatible format.
4. Photographs being included in the post should be original.
5. Entries to be submitted before 30th September 2015

Winning entries from each city will:

1.  Get a meal for two sponsored by
2.  Have their articles featured on

Results will be communicated by mail and announced on and

Overall winner

gets a trip across the 9 cities, sponsored by

and be a food and travel blogger for

This fantastic opportunity is just a meal away, 
so get munching seriously!

For any queries please send a mail to


  1. It is writing for you and not in our blog. Is my understanding correct?

  2. Could you specify a bit more as to whom I can review .

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