Are we music…?

Do we listen to music….or are we music?

A string is one of the most quintessential objects that you can associate with music; guitar strings, sitar strings, harp strings, strings underneath the snare drum, and so on. The vibrations that these strings can create harmonies of pure bliss, and also have the power to produce sounds and vibrations that make you cringe and cover your ears in utter auditory shock. So in other words, the way a string vibrates has the power to cause different sensations in us, including happiness, sorrow, discomfort and utter ecstasy. Now ask yourself this, what else has the power to do this and instill such emotions in the people around us?

Well, a simple way to get the answer to this question is to look at the mirror….That’s right! YOU have the power to either be the cause of happiness for the people around you, or literally mess up their heads with negative emotions such as fear, dread, worry, anxiety and so on. Don’t take this personally, because every one of us has the power to do this. It’s a fairly simple thing if you think about it, but the connection and implication in this case is much deeper.

So the connection comes down to this, we have the same effect on the people around as music does on everyone of us. Too far-fetched you may say, but there are scientific evidences for the same (for all you people out there need who need “proof” to believe in something). This aspect is known as the string theory, and it is a very deep concept with several fancy words and physics related mumbo-jumbo. Let me put it all in a nutshell for you, in as simple a form as possible. It is one of those theories that has the power to put into perspective everything that we feel on a daily basis, including the connections we feel with people, objects as well as the universe around you (the theory of everything, if you please).


Tripped out Fact: So, the string theory basically says that every single aspect of the universe, even down to the most minuscule and defining aspect of matter, is in a way hanging on an invisible string that is floating in space and is always under tension.

Yes, I can hear you guys thinking “yeah, right”, “what the…” and even “woah”, but bear with me and you will have some clarity….and lots of questions, too. Picture this if will, every single particle in space and matter is vibrating at a certain frequency. This may not be prominently observable on a large scale, but if atoms, electrons and other particles, which form the very basis of matter and life are considered, then each and every particle has its own vibrational frequency. This frequency can increase and decrease too, owing to an inflow of energy to a particle or due to an outflow of energy from the same. If an electron is considered, as soon as it gains energy its vibrational frequency increases and it transcends into a higher state of energy. Once it loses that energy, it comes back to its original energy state or simple put, it comes back to the original frequency that it was vibrating at.

This analogy can be applied to a string with very deep similarities. Let’s take the example of a guitar string, which vibrates at a particular frequency when it is plucked. This frequency is within our audible range and hence, we can hear it, unlike the frequency range of electrons and other particles which are simply too low for us to comprehend. If the string is wound more tightly, the sound changes considerably, with more change in sound being observed as the string is more tightly wound. The more tighter the string is wound, the more potential energy is building up in it. Once the string is plucked the energy is released in the form of vibrations, which in turn can be heard by us in the form of sound.

Tripped Out Fact: So if you consider this, the guitar string and the electron both share the same analogy, higher the energy the more is the frequency. The only difference is that we can hear the vibrations of the guitar string, while those of the electrons are too low for us to capture.

At the same, let us consider the bigger picture, which is us humans. Each and every particle that we are made up of is vibrating at a particular frequency.  That very strongly points to the fact that we ourselves are vibrating at a particular frequency at some point of time.

Tripped Out Fact: Science has pointed out that each and every cell of our body is vibrating at a certain frequency, with similar cells vibrating harmoniously at the same frequency, resonating the overall frequency of an organ or a tissue.

The overall culmination of all these frequencies maybe building up to resonate our own frequency, which is what we project to the outside world. Now, with this knowledge in hand, it definitively points to the fact that we are all in a way just vibrating strings. This literally means that we can vibrate at different frequencies together and produce “symphonies” and “songs”. If we look at life in such a way, then if a person is sad or depressed he may be vibrating at a lower frequency and at higher frequencies during periods of bliss and unfathomable happiness. In this way, the kind of “song” you play is the frequency at which you are vibrating. This frequency depends on the amount of energy you have within you, which changes depending on your mood and external environment. In the end, it all comes down to this, your frequency can very well affect the frequencies of others around you. In the same way, if a group of people are vibrating at the exact same frequency they have complete clarity and can share a song among them. This song in turn has the power to affect the frequencies of others around them.


Imagine this, if all of us are at the same frequency, we would be resonating like a cosmic orchestra of vibrating strings. The amount of energy that can be generated from this “performance” is almost unfathomable to think about, lest even comprehend. But, we can keep inching closer to this immense “performance” by resonating with the frequencies of people, objects and nature that are around us, which could very well result in a birth of a song that all of us are vibrating in sync with. So, we are all music ourselves, our frequencies deciding the type of songs we play and the number of people we play it with.

Keep playing and performing!

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