Conversations with human cells – I: Music of the body


Well, Hi. You said you had some questions.


Yes, a lot of them actually but I wanted to start with Music and you. I was just reading about music that you produce and wondered if that was true?

(Possibly wiggling constantly) Do you see me? Probably not! I move all the time. Everything within me moves too. There are vibrations and hence the sound. Actually, together with my kin, I produce different symphonies. The question is can you actually listen? There are limits to your audibility.


No, not yet. But, they have been trying to hear you…

I know that they have been trying. But the process has barely begun I reckon. I like the efforts towards understanding the sound of my friend, yeast. I know they are using him to get to me. Hopefully they will hear me someday.

[Audio excerpts of unperturbed yeast cells: here]


 Yes, they have been calling it ‘sonocytology’, you know, the efforts to hear different cells…

Yes I am aware. They are thinking along the lines of using ‘sonocytology’ as a tool to differentiate between the healthy and the not-so-healthy of us. The idea that Mr. Gimzewski conceived a decade ago to differentiate between the sounds of normal yeast cells and those that had been mutated or put under stress, I think, was the start.

[Audio excerpts of perturbed yeast cells (variations in temperature and pressure, exposure to chemicals): here]

The idea that Mr. Gardners used a few years ago using my prostrate cousins is also quite conceivable. I hear that they blasted the prostrate cells with infrared light and then heard using their specialized microphones -different sounds where they could distinguish between me and my alter ego – cancer if you please. Well, I can say that we do produce different sounds and that I am definitely better ;-). I am waiting for what they do next.


 I am thinking, if you can move and produce vibrations, can you also absorb vibrations?

How do you think I communicate, within and outside me? If I emit, I take in as well. The energy of the vibrations is my language. And, it makes me happy when they say they could heal a broken me or my broken group by music. Dr. Long has produced music based on the architecture of various protein components within me. I am pretty sure that if such music moves into me, there is harmony.

[Check out ‘voice of metabolism’ based protein sequence of the thyroid hormone here]


Right, so I kind of understand it. You produce sound, and you listen. Together all 200 types of you do the same. You are all in harmony and if not, you can be brought back (also by music). Coherently, you can produce different symphonies depending on various factors, and all these within my body. What among all of you am I then?

Well, you my friend are our song!



“The forms of snowflakes and faces of flowers may take on their shape because they are responding to some sound in nature. Likewise, it is possible that crystals, plants, and human beings may be, in some way, music that has taken on visible form.” – Poet Cathy Guzetta


Further tripping-

Making sound visible : Cymascope is an instrument that converts shapes of water subjected to sound waves into visible images  using specialized cameras.

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