My Tool Trip: Reflections

Read the following interpretation as you slowly build up with the song, aligning the words with the rhythm and the echoes of the masterpiece that is “Reflection” by the band “Tool”. This was written in the form of the visualizations and thoughts that poured out through my pen while the song guided me, with the build-up and intense revelations being a sole result of some message which I tried deciphering from this particular song. Here’s the trip:



It starts with a circling feeling, spiraling all around me, as if I am in the middle of a whirlpool of memories, a storm of visions, These visions are mysterious yet familiar to me and touch a deep part of myself which I did not even know  existed. The whirlpool slowly clears to reveal an utter emptiness, which engulfs me. I feel fear grasping me as I resist wild abandon. But, there is no escape as the haunting harmonies of the Sarod squeeze out every last ounce of resistance in me. I surrender to the endless colossal shroud of emptiness as it overpowers my ego. It all slows down a bit as I transcend this layer of dark, oozing fear, where a voice guides me towards something uncertain. I move closer, conceding to what “is” as it calls me closer, the reverberating voice. It soon speaks through me, as I let the emptiness flow through me, realizing that I myself am hollow. The haunting echoes of past experiences reverberate around as I become one with the emptiness and the colossal nothingness.

At a distance, as if like the end of a tunnel, a light shines at me and pierces me with unhinging intensity. I am overwhelmed as the emptiness that I am filled with starts emanating luminescence. The layers of prejudice and judgment pine away as the light gets stronger and dissolves the hard outer crust of accumulated perceptions around me. My shell breaks and uncontrollable bouts of light break free as my form dissociates into the void. I am the void as I am no more. As the shell breaks open, I am thrust into a world of dripping luminescence. The words spill through me uncontrollably as I find my one true release to avoid hiding back into the shell from which I am free….I am free!


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