Rhythm in Life

The first form of music, as ascertained from various sources, has been attributed to drumming. Drumming as a whole, can be seen as the most primal form of music due to the very basic attribute that it takes into consideration, which is rhythm. Rhythm is one of the most apparent forms of music that we can actually perceive in everyday life. In many ways, rhythm actually drives every single aspect of our lives, from our heartbeats, our breathing as well as our sleep cycles. The rhythms which are apparent in nature are essentially the inspiration for the aspect of rhythm in the music we create. Moreover, the rhythm of nature extends beyond the physical into phenomena such as change of seasons as well as the lunar cycle. These are the rhythms which essentially govern the very basic life cycles of all living organisms, including us humans. The very essence of rhythm in life is the fact that the internal rhythms of living organisms have to be attuned to the external rhythms of nature.

The internal rhythm that we harbor is known as the circadian rhythm. These basically entail behavioral, physiological and mental changes which occur in organisms on the basis of the external rhythm of nature. The most apparent external rhythm that nature follows is the cycle of light and darkness, which essentially influence our sleep cycles.

Now, take a moment to bask in the awesomeness of such a rhythm; you actually follow a sleep cycle which is essentially influenced by the movement of celestial bodies which are billions of times larger than you.

menstrualcycle correspondances

Tripped Out Fact: On the other hand, this is just the start; there are in fact several other events of a cosmic scale which are responsible for the way we function.For instance, the lunar cycle consisting of changes in the face of the moon over a period of 29.5 days coincides with the menstrual cycle of women, which shares almost the same time frame.

There are inevitable similarities and coinciding time frames between our internal rhythms, characterized by our circadian rhythms and our internal biological clock, with the overall rhythm of nature and the cosmos as a whole. The problem arises when we defy the innate rhythm of the cosmos and choose to follow our own erratic rhythm, which is considerably influenced by stress and lack of time management. This includes ignoring our basic sleep cycle of following the cycles of light and darkness. Our ancestors did not have an option but to submit to the inherently powerful cosmic and natural rhythms, including the day and night cycle, the cycle of seasons and so on. On the other hand, we humans in present-day life have figured out ways to go against these natural rhythms and formulate our own erratic rhythms. By creating the light bulb, we found out a way to escape the cycles of day and night (light and darkness), an option that our ancestors did not have. By going against the seasonal changes, we humans in the present-day choose to go against the forces of nature in order to satisfy our own needs, which are considerably trivial than the humongous scale of the cosmos.


Let me put this into perspective; there are numerous events occurring on a cosmic scale which threaten the very survival of our planet and our cosmic domain. These macro-rhythms of nature have been essential in shaping the very history of the human race as well as the history of our planet, characterized by mass extinctions and other such events.

Tripped Out Fact: For instance, scientists have found evidence of mass extinctions, which usually wipe out about 75 percent of the population on Earth, occurring every 26 million years. These extinctions have been essentially attributed to the rhythm followed by a star known as Nemesis, which disintegrates every 26 million years and releases a barrage of comets from the fringe of our solar system. A large part of these comets attack the Earth and cause large dust clouds and heavy bouts of global death.

Other than this, it has been said that the universe is slowly edging towards thermal death, wherein the overall energy required to sustain life in the universe would be completely dispersed in the next 100 billion years or so, meaning that all the essential energy required for sustenance of life would be over in the next 100 billion years. These aspects, coupled with immense black holes and other galactic super-calamities and catastrophes, are hurling towards us on the space-time continuum, all following the basic rhythm of the cosmos. Come to think of it, your everyday troubles don’t seem to matter much now, do they?

When you are a part of the cosmic orchestra, it helps to be in tune with the rhythm of the cosmos. If you are out of tune in the orchestra of the cosmos, you will have to face the repercussions. This is why the incidence of stress-related diseases and the like are rising in modern times, especially due to the fact that more and more people are going against the natural rhythms of life. Moreover, music can help you substantially to get in touch with your internal rhythms and understand them. Once you do, following the external rhythms of nature becomes easy too. So get in touch with your internal rhythms, play according to the rhythms of nature and you will be as integral a part of the cosmos as you were meant to be.

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