Slayer of my state!

“A nod to Alt-J”


When I wake up in the morning light, sunlight portrays me

Slash, slash; assassin de la mon etat; I want an imitation of reality

Noshed the sun away, I’ve fallen for the black outside my window!

The dark paints me from within and asks me how I wanna be dissolved now!


slayer of my state
Chest bursting like John Hurt?

Or painless fading for home like Capa?

Should I send ‘em balaclaved men like I did for Leon?

Or ‘em greedy Mandela boys to ogle your heart out?


Amphetamines… take me where the wild things are

I say rather bury me deep into the mane of my lover!

Methadrine, my choice kingdom… Pull me like an animal out of a hole

Sleeplessly embracing; I’ve discovered lands & legions like no other!


Rope constricts… Sucking splash into my throat

I hum the song the soldiers sing, she hymns the song the sea sings!

She’s as white as a ghost, I’m a brave craftsmen busy burying my feelings for her!

Zolpedium… Bloodflood… Get high, hit the floor before you go…


A quelea crawls & whispers to me on my last flight

These eighteen lines sing one peaceful death; now just fall for your heart & wait for the dark!


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