Traveler POV: The 5 Most Scenic Music Festivals in the World

Moab Music Festival

Imagine yourself amidst vast canyons and grottos of red sandstone as the powerful but subtle tones of the classical guitar hit you with blissful tones of awesomeness. This is a scenario which you may consider to be a scene from the far reaches of imagination, but you only have to go as far as Moab, Utah in North America. As you find yourself wandering among the cliffs along the Colorado River you will find the great hall of red stone where the mountain faces of the cliffs around are the only “walls” of the concert area. If you are still wondering where you are and what is going on, let me clear that out. You are at the Moab Festival, one of the only music festivals which combine Jazz, Latin, traditional as well as chamber music with the magical landscape of the red grottos of the Colorado Plateau. The festival is an attraction for both music lovers as well as adventure seekers, both of whom are transported up the Colorado River on a jet boat to reach the venue. The festival is followed by a 3 day trip along the river running through the Cataract Canyon on a Musical Raft Trip.


Ziro Festival

In normal cases, trudging towards a hillock through rain-kissed grasses and soft mud along endless rows of paddy fields, with the majestic mountains covering the horizon is not usually what is expected to be a precursor for going towards the undertones of musical experience.  But, if you find yourself here, keep moving towards the hillock because you will most probably be heading towards the Ziro Festival which happens in Arunachal Pradesh. Situated among the picturesque surroundings of Ziro town in Arunachal Pradesh, the Ziro Festival is teeming with culture, music and the brilliance of life. The pine trees that cover the nakedness of the mountains resound with the riffs and sweet melodies of some of the best musicians from the North-Eastern part of India as well as other regions of the country.


Wilderness Festival

You wake up in a hot tub, your face being the only part jutting out of the water. Your eyes feel droopy and your head has an aching sensation, probably from drinking too much (that’s probably why you are waking up in a tub). You lift your heavy head and look into the woods in front of you, your vision focusing on a deer gently prancing into the wilderness. From behind you, there are sounds of a drama going on, along with a layer of laughter, belonging to children and adults alike, which peels away to reveal the sounds of music floating over you. All of these layers of sounds, along with the wafting scent of venison springs you back to reality-you are at the Wilderness Festival at Oxfordshire, UK, in the annals of Cornbury Park. Now go grab some lemon juice and catch up with Hozier’s set.


Parvati Peaking Festival

The smoke covers the air, while gentle hallucinations rip through the gyrating and pulsating vibes of the crowd. They don’t seem too overwhelming as you have seen this before, but once you look up at the colossal mountains around you, you can hear them whispering and pining along with the electronic sounds of the artist at the console. You reel from the immense effect the mountains have on you, as the synthesized sounds of mind altering beats fill the air. Your body involuntarily starts moving to the rhythm of the pulsating beat until there is no difference between you, the crowd and the mysterious mountains of Challal, Parvati Valley in Himachal, India. You have tripped into the realm of the Parvati Peaking festival which attracts some of the biggest names in Psy-Trance music from all over the world. Here, you find solace in the lap of nature with music guiding the way to connectedness.


Traena Music Festival

It is close to midnight, but the sun shines fiercely on the jagged mountains that seem to rise up from the ocean like the lower jaw of a humongous colossus. The boat that is taking you towards the mountains sways with the gentle undulation of the waves beneath it. You reach the shore and are welcomed by the mouth of a huge cave, inside which rests the stage where the rest of the show will be taking place. You are at the scenic awesomeness that is Traena in Norway, where the sun does not sleep for six months and the vibes of nature are ever-present and powerful. This festival has seen a host of venues on the little group of islands in Traena, from within a cave, inside a blacked out abandoned church, to the top of a mountain. The only way to reach the venue is through boat or ferry, but the real ride starts once you get there.


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