Do we really live in the land of Khajuraho & Kamasutra?

(Rhetorical question intended) A plethora of young people have been openly opposing the recent porn khajurahoban in India. But do we actually get to have a voice?

(Pun intended) Don’t talk about it, don’t even watch it. How do you expect Indians to know anything about what Lord Krishna regarded as the supreme art?

(Dysphemism intended) The least among us who are ruling us, do they even have a sense of serving the country or are they just interested in moral policing?

(Tautology intended) What is a bigger issue, pornography or censorship? Is this a democracy or are we going the communist or the monarchist way of China & Saudi Arabia?

(Parable intended) What about my right to freedom of conscience and why do you forcibly want to become my father & preach me your version of morality?

(Irony intended) Why double standards when you boast about the rich culture & heritage of India and why wouldn’t you just demolish Khajuraho & disown Kamasutra once & for all?

(Sarcasm intended) To ban is to create more excitement about something. I come from Gujarat & I very well know the so-called meaning of ‘ban’ where a ban on liquor has just made it available more easily, home-delivery. How do you even in your dullest dreams imagine that India would actually stop watching porn?

(Truism intended) Wouldn’t it in fact become another black market/underground industry where only the elite few who can access proxies & deep web will be selling porn to people?

(Cacophony intended) Watching porn is bad. Dear Sirs, I know of another reality where women are portrayed as a commodity with boobs & asses that sells! Why don’t you indict a ban on Bollywood for the stereotyped perverse reality of objectification & sexualisation of women?

(Analogy intended) Watching porn is banned. Use some alcohol & cigarettes instead to divert your mind-state. Can’t you just see for yourself which is the greater evil? Porn or beauty creams?

(Aporia intended) Shouldn’t you be reprimanded for being really lousy on the ban & for a poor understanding on technical feasibility of the ban? When you haphazardly choose which websites to be banned, don’t you think smart users would easily circumvent your filtering?

(Commiseration intended) As per a report by ‘Reporters without borders’, India was listed as a ‘state enemy of internet’ in 2014 for intrusive surveillance of news providers. Do you know this is a grave violation of freedom of information & human rights?

(Paradox intended) You are not allowed to do private things but only things for the nation, state & community. Watching porn is one of the most private things someone can indulge in, even more private than sex which requires 2 people. Isn’t it freakishly intrusive to control my thoughts, desires and what I do within the confines of my home?

(Innuendo intended) Why don’t you just openly claim your ulterior motive of conditioning people to think that you can regulate their deepest desires & biological needs?

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