Independence Day Special: Are We Really Free?

 On Independence Day, we urge you to ask yourself these questions to find out if we are really “free”?


Freedom of Choice: Do I have a choice for a better life if I can only choose to vote between two puppets controlled by the same elite force that drives the illusion of change?

Freedom of Speech: Am I free to speak out my views in this world where anything said against existing cultural norms is either censored or labeled as heresy?

Freedom of expression: Do I have the freedom to express myself in a country where growing a beard is synonymous with more profuse security checks and discerning stares?

Freedom of Action: Am I free to do what I want in a world where everything I do is being monitored around the clock in this concrete jungle we live in?

Freedom from Herd Conformity: Do I have the freedom to choose my own path and not be a “follower” in a country where playing music instead of pursuing a degree can result in me being labeled as an outcast or a loser?

Freedom from Inequality: Am I free from inequality in a country where women are treated as objects of pleasure instead of real human beings with feelings and emotions?

Freedom from Slavery: Am I free from being a slave in a world where people are constantly made to work in corporate houses for jobs that have no creative freedom or value whatsoever?

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Freedom to Dream: Do I have the freedom to yearn for a larger-than-life future in a world where we are judged at every second of our lives for just not being good enough in the eyes of society?

Freedom of Thought: Am I free to dwell in my thoughts and make my own reality in a world where people are constantly brainwashed through mainstream media?

Freedom to Well-being: Do I have the freedom to a healthy life in a world where multinational corporations benefit from my suffering by pumping me full of synthetic medications for their own profit?

Freedom to Love: Do I have the freedom to feel connected with my fellow human beings in a world where national pride has fueled the formation of imaginary borders and the deaths of harmless civilians around the planet?

Freedom to feel: Do I have the freedom to feel empathy for my people in a world where emotion is considered as weakness, turning people into mindless machines numb to the pain and suffering that we have caused to life on this planet we call “home”?

Freedom to learn: Am I free to learn from nature and experience in a world where education is only propagated through textbooks and institutions where we are tested and graded like lab rats?

Freedom to be different: Am I free to live life on my own terms in a world where all of us are forced into a rat race in order to accumulate pieces of paper called “money” which have been attributed with imaginary values?

Freedom to BE: Am I free from your constant hammering of values and beliefs into my head, in the name of culture, religion, politics and other forms of hypocrisy, when the only thing I want is to just BE!

There is no need to despair if you find that the answers to these questions have ruined your “Independence Day Spirit”. Instead, be glad as you are now on the path to realizing what true freedom is!


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  1. Do you really want to be part of society or not ? Your idea of freedom is absurd. For example even if set up a separate world with people like you in another planet…..that place in no time will become just like earth…. Because that’s the innate nature in humans when they evolve as society….. Society has got certain set of rules be it cultural, religious, ethical….. It actually needs them to function properly….and these set of rules do not remain rigid or static….they change dynamically….

    • Hey Prabhat,
      It is very understandable that you think humans need to have a society bound by cultural rules and norms. I think that is necessary too. The problem arises when the backing behind these rules is fear and greed. If we have to evolve, we need to be open to novelty as a society, instead of dwelling on past fears and narrow-minded norms which gives rise to suspicion towards bearded men and women being labelled as sluts. If you think a society cannot progress beyond what it is right now and that any progress or evolution cannot go beyond our present human condition, then my friend you have to seriously understand that this is exactly what mainstream society wants you to believe. This is conditioning right here, where we are asked not to question anything and go through our daily lives as if nothing is wrong. Time for a reality check my friend!

  2. Very nice topics,
    For group discussion.
    Nowadays its Real questions of common people.
    Very nice literature.

  3. Let this day end and we will be back to being ourselves, I don t need to explain what being ourselves mean. So people, when your kite takes a flight, look in the sky and think, are we really independent?

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