The Sanctioned Disease: The Water Scarcity in Latur

Water is one of the most treasurable gifts that nature has provided to mankind. All living things consist mostly of water. Nearly about two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered with water and about 75% of the human body comprises of water, indicating that water is the prime component needed for sustaining mankind. The significance of water in our diet is particularly important as it aids the body in performing specific metabolic tasks and regulates our internal body temperature.

Water flows through the land just as it does in the human body and performs various essential activities needed for life such as transporting, dissolving, replenishing of nutrients and organic matter and also removes the waste material. In addition to it, water also regulates the activities of fluids, tissues, cells, lymph, blood and glandular secretions.

An average adult body comprises of 42 litres of water, but a loss of 2.7 litres can lead a person to suffer from dehydration, displaying symptoms of irritability, fatigue, nervousness, dizziness, weakness, headaches and many such diseases. But our drinking water today, far from being pure, contains deadly commercial chemicals, bacteria, viruses, inorganic minerals that are unsuitable for human consumption. Thus, the contaminated drinking water is harmful to mankind in many ways.

The land that is passing through a period of scarcity of water can inherently result in a considerable amount of stress in the minds of people. The water scarcity turns the fertile land into the dried form resulting in a scarcity of crop in that particular region. The scarcity of water in that particular region leads people to search different places in search of water, leaving out rest of their activities. They have to fill any kind of water that is even at times not potable. This drains the minds of the people living in that particular area as in spite of a lot of struggle for water, there is no surety as to the overall purity of water. This contaminated water when consumed can lead to a lot of diseases, affecting the body, which not only disturbs the person but also the rest of the family mentally as well as economically.


It also creates chaos in the family in the minds of all, which results in disturbing their daily activities. There are ample factors responsible for the soil to get dried such as rainfall deficiency, global warming and more, causing dryness in all the needed reservoirs of water. This indicates the wrong deeds of mankind towards nature, which can be considered as the main cause behind disturbing the balance and growth that is brought to the land as well as the people inhabiting the land.  

The government to a certain extent is also responsible for the water scarcity in the affected area. The dried region is provided water only twice a month through tankers by the government, suggesting that it is the only means whereby people in the region can actually get access to potable water. People have to live with a very small amount of water as the supplied water is never sufficient enough for the survival of the people living there. Such action by the government even propels people to evacuate that particular area. The scarcity of water has blocked the minds of the people and restricted them of water and its consumption which then forces them to switch some other activity. In short, the scarcity of water tends to get a hold of the human minds and in turn, affect them in profound ways.


What we need to understand here is the fact that the mental states of the people are affected to a great extent, which is something that we ourselves are accustomed to. Due to this, if you spend some time in a state of dehydration, you will find immense differences in the way you think and act a state of utmost deprivation of clarity. The government is in fact, delegating a sickness or a disease onto a whole region full of people by depriving them of something which is as essential to them as the life force which runs through us.

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