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To life and its simplicity

  Many feelings, Many thoughts Some fleeting, some lasting! Learning to tell them apart. The thrill of an almost secretive friendship, The care of an almost unexpected bond, The rather unwanted loneliness experienced by a week ever parasitic heart, seeking dependence to be happy, dependence on fads, hobbies, infatuations about …

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Understanding Dreams!

Fact#1 You dream several times in a night, in intervals: Dreams occur during a phase of sleeping known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase. REM sleep occurs in cycles which repeat after about 90 minutes. As the number of cycles increase in a night, the time of the REM phase …

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Music: A primal need or a stimulant for the brain?

The way in which music affects us as humans is something that has been pondered over throughout the centuries, with people extracting various interpretations of the same. Some are of the opinion that music generally entails some sort of “food”, “drug” or “stimulant”, not so different from coffee. This in …

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