Meet Pepper: The First Emotional Robot

Artificial intelligence is always a matter of inquisitiveness & has successfully grabbed the attention of human race through media. The sole reason for such curiosity is the urge of humans to create a super human intelligence to compliment the creativity yet should not undermine the very existence of the human race.pepper

The status of human beings & humanity juxtaposed to artificial intelligence is highly debated owing to the scientific & psychological capability building whims of a human in a machine.

A Japanese telecom company named Soft Bank in alliance with Aldebaran Robotics has initiated the materialization of the desired human whim into existence in form of a humanoid named “Pepper”, so what makes pepper the real deal? He is the 1st emotional robot.

Check out his tripped-out interview before you read further:

Yes the artificial intelligence is being combined with real feelings or chemical reactions what a human being experiences. People have received it so well that rather than instilling fear, it is sold out like hotcakes in the marketplace, within a minute of being open for sale. Everybody wants the human touch in the intelligent prototype.

Pepper has recently been launched on 20th June & brought into the lives of the masses of Japan. As we know in today’s world there are no free lunches, so the delightful Pepper has its own set of bills. The expenditure to own pepper is round about $1,600 and an additional expense of $120/month as a data fee, another $80/month damage insurance fee. We can conclude Artificial intelligence combined with emotions isn’t that cheap.

The humanoid can sense human emotions and absorb them in its system using “endocrine-type multi-layer neural network.” Pepper’s mood is subjective to be in influenced by the touch cameras installed and the output of these cameras & surrounding activities influencing & causing reactions are displayed on a tablet-sized screen on his chest. There is ample amount of ambiguity regarding the capabilities of this humanoid being capable of progressive learning or is simply mimicking the humans or their reactions to a particular situation.

Tripped Out Fact: Pepper can express “joy, anger, doubt, surprise, and sadness”, it would visibly sigh expressing discontent or misery.

The intensity of the emotions experienced by Pepper have not been clarified or defined yet. What is the kind of expressive outburst or grumpiness demonstrated by Pepper if it is upset? What would be his reaction in case he has any kind of revelation on the quintessential workings of life or his existence? Whether the emotions felt by Pepper are its true emotions is still a grey area for further research & experiments.

A Sci-Fi robot has worked fine for onscreen experiences, from Vicky of ‘Small Wonder’ to C3 PO of ‘Star Wars’ to the Terminator series – Skynet, builds a hope of tomorrow, but reality is a tad bit different, our stride towards such advanced technology is miles away from perfection, however we are on our way to create robots really emoting & experiencing the real emotions.

Talking of tantrums and if Pepper goes rouge, the good news is he is only 4 ft tall & moves around using roller skates as his limbs, you simply climb up the stairs to escape it!

However, the availability of this humanoid outside Japan is yet a long wait. Presently Pepper is found as a greeter in Softbank stores only, which they plan to roll out to other touch points or retail points in due course of time.

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