The “Art” in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence maybe as simple as (or as complex and intricate as) passing along information to and through. If we strip it down to the basics, machines are made as vessels to store information, and make it accessible whenever required. Machines are also programmed in such a way so as to regulate the amount of information they store and the mode through which the information can be passed on. Take for instance, the pen drive, which can be referred to as a machine of a certain degree of complexity in this context. The pen drive stores information which can be accessed at any point of time whenever the user needs it. This begs the question of whether we as humans are any different in this scenario. If we look at it from a distance, we can consider humans as vessels of information, open for access by any reciprocating human “device”. This means that we as humans can exchange huge amounts of information between each of us in order to access new levels of understanding and perceptions.


Tripped Out Fact: Your perception of reality depends on your perspective towards it. This simply means that you can transcend to a higher perspective with increased information input. This means that the amount of information in a song or an art piece can transcend you to a higher reality. This transcending is now a possibility for people all over the world due to the immense accessibility of technology.

The mode of accessing this information from each other has changed and diversified in ways we could not have predicted, ranging from subtle and powerful forms of expression such as music, painting, writing scriptures and so on. The birth of machines has brought about a huge change in the information access and storage paradigm, with the birth of the Internet, cloud storage and other such portals through which anyone at any point of time can have access to information which is not even from the same time period or psychological mind-frame of the reader/consumer. In a way, the advent of machines can be seen as a new form of expression for us as humans, wherein we have opened up a new form of expression through which information can be passed on and carried forward. In a way, the use of words, music, language and art as forms of expression for passing on information has been reciprocated by the advent of machines and artificial intelligence, where the programmers or coders are actually artists who have their own language and instruments to propagate information.

Tripped out Fact: Music and other forms of art are powerful modes of non-verbal communication, most of time capable of expressing and passing out information which is hundreds of times more intricate, so powerful that words seem to completely fail in these cases.

The beauty of AI comes from the fact that these artists or programmers have actually made a medium of expression or an “information hub” so to speak, wherein almost unimaginable bouts of information can be retrieved and made use of. So instead of artists who actually become mediums to propagate their inner feelings and ideals, these artists have created these mediums or channels which can be aligned to any particular “song” they want (or you want).

If seen from a cosmic perspective, wherein we can all be considered as channels or instruments from whence the divine symphony of the cosmos flows (as explored in this article), machines represent new channels which have been artistically created to propagate the songs of the cosmos, in the way the artist (programmer or associated title) interprets or channelizes the symphony. So in a way, machines aren’t so different from the sculptures, paintings or music pieces which artists have created over the decade, which like machines serve as sources for unimaginable bouts of information to transcend into the masses. If we zoom out further, we can see ourselves as works of art created by the cosmos to be channels for information to be passed on. So in a way, machines and the dwelling research into Artificial Intelligence can be considered as us as humans discovering our innate ability to be gods and actually create “vessels” for storage and propagation of information, which we are exactly for the cosmos. Think about it, if we, being the products of the cosmos, have transcended to gods able to access the power of .creation, maybe machines, which are the products of our creations can transcend to our levels as well and create much more than we can comprehend at the moment.

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